Right here, right now. Bitter Rants. Come and get ’em.

Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t. If you don’t, you probably have not met too many other people like me. Too bad. The world would be a better place with more people like me.

If more people who enjoy killing animals or who happily eat factory farmed animals but could not kill one themselves (and who squirm at the idea of even watching a video of the slaughering lines), who destroy the natural environment and value money over everything were dead, and instead thousands of anarchic peaceful tree huggers ruled the planet things would be a lot better. Until then, I hope to see more suits dying and will cheer whenever it occurs.

Whether or not you ‘think’ you are doing harm – if you work for a major corporation or live a consumer life style you are part of the problem, and yeah, I am not stupid enough to think that does not sometimes include me. So I am full of contradictions, but I am at least trying to wake up and smell the coffee as dearie old Ann Landers would say.

Do you buy paper towels because they are ‘easier’ than using a rag to wipe up coca cola from your kitchen counter? I hate inventing throw away things (paper plates also get to me) because we are too lazy to do anything differently.

There is a disgusting garbage soup of plastic bits forming an island twice the size of Texas floating around in the ocean because of our addiction to plastic wrappings on EVERYTHING and plastic bags. We know this, yet no one wants to ban plastic wrappings or grocery bags. Bad for business in the plastics industry. So a few aware people will choose paper or will whine to the supermarkets about the overpackaging … but in the end, does anything *really* change, when plastic is still offered as a choice? Here in France I see MORE and MORE wrapping on produce every day – it’s put into plastic boxes or individually hermetically sealed now – and Switzerland – fuck don’t get me started … you are apparently not allowed to touch or smell your produce before you buy it to see if it is ripe anymore – every single thing in the veg and fruit bin is shrink wrapped now. It was not like this 5 years ago … So we get McDonalds to drop their foam containers for cardboard in the 80s and pat ourselves on the back, but now Carrefour and CoOp are using more plastic daily on things that really do not need it — What gives? It can’t be making the food prices any cheaper, can it ?

Also, I do not believe that any human life is worth more than any other being’s life, and in fact I think there are in general far too many humans already. I have believed this since I was a child. I no longer give money to save children or feed the hungry – most of that money is wasted on not resolving the root problem, so what is the point. I give money to organizations which are buying up land to save it from development or doing postive things to change laws in order to save what little is left of this planet.

For example – here is one of my points of view – if you killed dogs and cats during hurricane Katrina or prevented pets from leaving town along with their families who were evacuated – I hope you die a long horrible death very soon at the hands of one of those pet owners. Who needs that kind of heartless garbage in the gene pool of humanity anymore? A choice of one of the dog shooters living or saving a piece of rain forest is a no-brainer for me if I had such a choice to make.

I do not have children because I would not bring one into this world. I might adopt one if I found a child who was intelligent and sensitive and worth saving. It’s on the backburner. I will leave all my money (and there will be a lot) to an animal or land charity.

More things I can rant on about at random: If you think that testing on animals is justified think about this. IAMS and Proctor & Gamble  who make dog food were found guilty of animal mistreatment  (and they all do this by the way – they were only the ones caught most recently). They were (and probably still are) killing dogs who have been fed their pet food after a few months just to see how it affected their bone growth. Now why hasn’t Gerber baby foods thought of that great test ? Why does any law even ALLOW such a test ? And – if that type of testing can be justified for dogs, why not for humans? The above link lists a number of natural dog foods which are NOT tested by killing dogs! (How fucking obvious is that precept if you are a ‘caring’ company who makes food for peoples’ beloved PETS!?)

Or, why is it OK to grow animals so that we can harvest their organs just so some fat cat asshole taking up space on this planet can live a few more years and use more resources on the planet ?

Why are building permits given out in cities that are already using more water than can be found in their state and causing water imports (that kill fish and wildlife in other states)?

I also think it’s highly disgusting and an incredible testament to our unbound cult of selfish egotism that people are allowed to spend thousands on infertility treatments while there are already so many people on the planet that we do not have enough water in the western US to feed many cities, and we are over fishing and factory farming to death our lands to try to support the population that currently exists.

I believe that zero growth economy or negative growth economy is the only solution to this planet’s problems and that a violent overthrow of the corporations that now control the world is a must if we are to see change.

I think that the vast majority of CEOs in any ‘fortune 500’ type company (and even lesser corporations) are criminals and that their salaries and bonuses should be illegal or taxed at 90%.

I think that the USA has become a corporate controlled state, not a nation state, and that it is no longer ruled by the will of the people, and that the UK and the EU are starting to head down that road as well. I have some mild  hopes that people are better educated in the EU and will resist, but am not convinced after Tony Blair became such an ass licker for Bush, and his people let him get away with it.

I am a political conservative – I don’t even think these statements are scratching the surface of radical. Plug in your iPod and pretend you did not read this. Go back to sleep. Sleep, sleep.



  1. In an emotional moment, I had typed in ‘humans are shit, are they worth saving?’ and your blog came up. I agree with all you’re saying, however am trying to let go of the warrior thing because its driving me crazy. I don’t believe anything at all can be done about anything, because humans are a brutal, stupid race, violent bullies destroying everything in their path.

    Having said that, I’m trying to clear my energy because I’m running so many war patterns against all the abusers that I see that I too am part of the problem, at least energetically. Of course I wouldn’t want to inflict harm on a baby or anybody, human or otherwise, but your piece did give me cause to think about things I hadn’t yet considered, like the luxury package of paper towels in my cupboard.

    In the end I’m still struggling, want something better, some purpose to come out of all of this, but feeling hands tied like an observer watching it all blow apart.

    You have had the guts to say what’s on your mind which puts you somewhere high above the rest……Thank you.



  2. I also share your contempt for human life.I am ashamed to be human and wish I was never born into this Hell.I never for one second of my life ever believed in this disgusting,self-serving foolishness that has been shoved down our throats since infancy and my hatred for it grows more everyday.How dare anybody even call this life.Living to serve human greed is not life,it is mere existence.For anybody who cannot understand my pessimistim,I encourage you to think outside of the proverbial box,take a look around and educate yourself to the fullest extent.Reality is seldom as pretty as people pretend it to be.I get no happiness from this empty,souless consumer lifestyle.I feel connected to no one.For instance,I would love to share my thoughts with my family,but they find the T.V. so much more intersesting so now I bare my soul to a computer screen.How precious is modern life?Does anybody else desire a life full of beauty,love,justice and integrity or are we all damned to be slaves to this corporate mini-mall of a world?


  3. I have the impression that you folks are cranky perfectionists to be so fucking disappointed in everything, and I pity you for your profoundly shaken belief systems so disturbed by a roll of paper towels. What a bunch of cry babies you are. And you all think you are so courageous to be verbally spanking the humankind’s butt….why don’t you take some real courage to be thankful for life and look for ways to celibrate this time-bomb called life….you only get one. Work past the useless criticism. WAKE UP STUPID!!! I was drawn to the sanctimonious scab picking about David Kotker which is how I found this page. Would it console you to know he had already tried to commit suicide and his degradation of health may have come from emotional problems, not sloppy needles but something else? You can always look for and imagine the worst about anything, and I am not looking to make excuses for anybody, but if you look for shit you will always find it….there is plenty of shit everywhere, that’s nature. But all is not shit, so you have a choice. I don’t think you are serving any high purpose here to flounder in shit. Good luck, I am sure you are all very talented and have much to offer and enjoy from life and I sincerely hope you waste little more time sidetracked with scapegoating one species over another, that is a game better suited to nazi’s.


  4. Well Pollyanna – I am not sure who ‘us folks’ are, but I am one person writing this blog, not some steering committee.

    You sound a bit bitter and angry yourself. I can safely say I am anything but stupid. But I do believe you are as you clearly did not see the point in any of the comments (if you think I have some ‘belief system’ that was shaken by a roll of paper towels, you clearly have no idea how to read). I am not only verbally spanking human kind’s butt, I do work each day to make a real effort to change my behavior and inform others how to change their behavior to try to save what little good is left on this planet. I suppose if I were truly brave, I’d get me some guns and an army and start killing the stock holders of major corporations, but I am alas, not that revolutionary.

    I think that I am wide awake, and I do see what humans are doing to this earth on a daily basis and how they are fucking it up for selfish immediate needs/wants and monetary gain at the expense of all other species (and even their own species) on this planet. It is people like you, who choose to stick their heads in the sand and continue to live as you ‘celebrating life’ or whatever you think is so ‘special’ about it (like your ability to get the latest color in an iPod) that cause the world to continue on it’s downward spiral. Your way of thinking is definitely part of the problem. We (humans) already do hold one species above all others – many people think that human lives are the most valuable type of life on the planet. I consider that opinion to be wrong and that theory (along with a good mixture of selfish greed) is at the basis of what is causing the destruction of this planet.

    About David Kotker I honestly could care less about the EXCUSES for why he was the way he was. He did do the things which I state on my web page. I do not like candy coated bullshit. Clearly you did not ‘get’ my point.

    Why take a transplant to start with if you are suicidal – a transplant is not without consequences to other people. It would be different if it was a mechanical organ. But he took a liver donated by another human (which is only donated because that person died) and then he expressedly killed himself.

    Thus he took that chance for a new liver from someone else getting it who WANTED to live, and indeed him receiving that donated organ possibly caused someone else to die (while waiting for one) who truly would have made better use of someone’s last dying gift (their organs). This is the same reason so many people were angry at George Best (famous UK football player) who as an alcoholic received a liver transplant, only to then continue to drink himself to death. I hardly think this is overly judgemental to point out.


  5. Incredible amazed I have been reading this stories about David Kotker. Written by people who felt he was unimportant to them but apparently important enough to kick him after his death, disrespectful with their stupidity.
    How sad is your life if you need to put, a passed away person who can not defend him selves, in such a bad light?

    David R.I.P.


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