Bloscar ? Ha ha ha ha ha. Bitter about Barbie. I mean Steph.

Edit Sept 7 : I have found that ThisGirl Steph has moved her blathering right-wing editorials to WordPress. Welcome Steph ūüėČ I have updated the links below¬†that¬†are still on the new site. I don’t¬†know where her personal blog went but it used to be called ‘ThisGirl’ … that title was taken already on WordPress by a submissive woman writing about her sex experiences with her ‘master’¬†– whoops ūüėȬ† Considering Steph’s belief that no women like anal sex and that we’re all ‘forced’ into it, I am guessing that blog is not hers. But who knows ūüėČ

Interesting to me is that she did not carry over various comments that disagreed with her when moving to WordPress Рsuch a shame as they were worth a good laugh. 

She also started the same exact blog on Blogger – maybe before realizing that they do not honor copyrights in their end-user agreement or was web the traffic too low??¬†Anyhow, seems she’s landed here at WordPress, following the refusal of to bow to her temper tantrum demands they stop a fellow blogger called NotSteph¬†from¬†publishing¬†a blog that criticized her opinions and posts. She claimed intellectual copyright infringement (? what gives her the idea she HAS an intellect??) because he quoted her blog (in order to criticize it).

That is rich stuff, as she so often quotes (and libellously re-words other people’s quotes to her own twisted liking) from other people’s blogs or news stories in order to comment on them and criticize them¬†herself. My my my. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Don’t give her too much traffic folks – it only confuses encourages her egotistical nature.¬†

Original post (links into her personal blog no longer work): 

So this girl writes a load of rubbish on her blog. She’s anti-woman, pro-Muslim extremist (my labels, of course, not hers)¬†who lives in imperialistic UK but criticises the USA as if her country (one of our corporate colonies now) is somehow better.¬†This July 4th navel gazing and back-slapping self-congratulatory¬†post really made me crack up. She points to the USA as if she is not already part of it by living in the UK.¬† Hello deary – you are one of US.

Now I am all against Bush but I am not so stupid as to think that¬†there is going to be some overthrow of the government there as long as they all have iPods and iPhones to worry about, and I am not dumb enough to think that I am somehow superior because I have ‘realized’ this and that my country¬†of residence is any different. Bush is taking over and is a dictator it’s clear. But even if he is overthrown and replaced with a more pleasant puppet, nothing essential will change. The era of nation states is ended – we are now in the era of corporate states and thus criticism as it is levelled is so useless and pointless. Only the radicals protesting the G8 type summits seem to have a clue about what is really going on now in governments.

That is what gets me – she seems to think that she can live in her little island country all protected from the outside world by her cocoon,¬†and yet be immune from its influence and priviledge. She is¬†a free educated woman and somehow thinks it’s OK to ‘defend’ countries where Sharia law was brought in and stoning for adultery is done (oh but she¬†claims this doesn’t really happen, it’s all Western media lies)¬†– as if any sane educated woman would choose this¬†type of oppression on their own if not influenced by the woman-hating culture that is represented in the Sharia ruled lands. Any Muslim woman who is brought to her attention in blog comments as a critic of Islam for it’s sexism is just sloughed off by Steph as a ‘pornographer’ or various other insults – somehow it is not legitimate for THEM (women who grew up in Islam) to criticize how it treated them and make statements about Islam¬†– and only Steph (an ostensibly white blonde UK Christian raised girl) has the true story on Islam¬†(from all her male bloggy friends) – certainly one could not believe a woman who grew up under it’s thumb and got smart enough to get out!

I also find her to be a real freak (proud that her brother beat up an ex-boyfriend on top of it all but ‘against’ telling the police about her attacker because of some freaky ‘loyalty’ to a mafioso oath but just prior to that claiming to be insulted by ex-boyfriend’s mafia insinuations). Oh, and another sad/funny thing to me – she believes in Sicily having self-rule and constantly brings up her Italian heritage and family’s anti-Mussolini stance as some badge of ‘resistance fighter’ for herself or something. Hello – you are 2nd generation¬†– get over it! And she now states that all government should go to this local form of self rule in areas where any group wants their freedom (she defends ETA for example in the Basque conflict as well). Yes, let’s all descend into Middle Ages pfiefdoms shall we? What a myopic and ridiculous point of view – the average country would end up poorer than a single division of a big corporation and can you imagine trying to deal with a million currencies, immigration¬†and trade laws – a completely unsustainable economic model for the world we live in today.

She behaves like a lost adolescent who was abused by a relative as a young girl and now has turned her secret self-blaming self-hatred outwards (blaming all other women in the world for their fates and saying they ‘like’ being¬†oppressed even when they’ve never had a chance to be educated or free or that 95% of women who report rape make false claims about it)¬†and thus has been left open to brain-washing¬†by mindless false lefty¬†political ‘correctness’ into thinking that it’s OK for any religion to call for the death of people for insulting it. The fact that she also openly flirts with men endlessly¬†on her blog in order to get them on her side is to me just another indication of her own internalization of some type of childhood abuse. In between calling for Tony Blair’s body to be peed on by people after he is dead, she exchanges cutesy winks and¬†‘thank you’ remarks from various sycophant males who clearly are there for her pretty blonde face, and will just lick up whatever she spits out.

She defends all religious nutters by¬†suggesting that Tony Blair and his wife¬†deserved death and¬†their bodies to be left out for people to abuse because¬†Blair¬†was to knight Salman Rushdi. This act, which has her nose (and the¬†collective noses of Islamist extremists)¬†all out of joint¬†is symbolic of course,¬†and I say ‘good for them’. Take a stand against extremism and for literature. But she prefers a government that would say ‘oh my, we can’t award this man knighthood for his literary contributions¬†– what will the Muslim extremist think?!’ As if the UK should need to worry about such rubbish when deciding who to give and not give some ridiculous outdated monarchical title to. And then she is ‘claiming’ at the same time to ‘defend’ Rushdie’s ‘freedom of speech’ to write his ‘nasty little books’. Yeah, she really believes in free speech! Yeah, we can’t possibly have a book that questions anything about faith, can we? No … not that!

Obviously our collective faiths cannot stand up to any type of questions so instead we’ll just behead people who say differently! Yeah, that’s the ticket! …. Clearly the Christian faith managed to have plenty of recent questions (the Gnostic Gospels, Angels and Demons and many others) about how true the Bible is or how it came to be and how it came to be in these modern times¬†– and all without riots calling for the deaths of those authors. And the faith did not fall. And we look back on the bad old days of things like the Spanish Inquisition and say it was wrong. But yet, so many in Islam cannot stand for the same type of questioning to be put towards their faith today and it just amazes me that people rioted and 20 people died due to this fictious¬†book. In the same way it amazed me that Muslims rioted over some idiotic cartoons in a Danish newspaper and managed to kill themselves as well in the process. Extremist of any religion are always problematic. I can understand it happening in the ‘dark ages’ many eons ago when these religions were first invented … but must we continue now¬†to go down¬†that same ridiculous path of darkness? But to me the big question is – who profits from these extremists? Well – quite obviously our governments do. They use it as an excuse to take away more and more freedoms and keep more tabs on us each day. And many of the Arab world leaders (despots for the most part, rich oil magnates in Saudi Arabia etc.) also benefit – focus the hatred of the people outward on religious targets, and they will not look inwards and who is running the country and making them poor and miserable. Even Hussein was in on this game until he got on the wrong side of the corporate Americans and lost.

I detest quite equally the Christian freaks of the US Bible Belt¬†who bomb abortion clinics and target doctors who perform abortions (targeting even their children at school in the name of saving babies … yeah ‘greater good’ and all that) or who call for teaching ‘Intelligent Design’ in schools and throwing out texts about fossils, and Hindu freaks who burn buses of Muslims to get back and Muslims killing Hindus.¬†On the other hand at least I can be proud that¬†my root faith had a guy in charge who preached ‘love thy neighbor’ and which decided the New Testament was the way to go and that perhaps the Old Testament was a bit shall we say, ‘outdated’ in its violence? A Buddhist does not have to feel funny about liking a guy such as¬†Buddha. Yet, Islam follows a guy who is responsible for leading armies to slaughter and rape non-believers himself – personally! All in the name of peace.¬†That, my friends, I find quite amazing. I mean normally we revere people like Buddha and Jesus or even non-dieties like Ghandi, Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King who got much needed change through espousing peace and justice¬†(though of course there was some violence, their moral ‘right’ and eventual success¬†came by the fact that they were not the instigators). Not to say that all religions have not been abused at one point or another by those who have decided to nominate themselves as ‘in charge’ of them – everyone likes to use prophetic speech to further their own political gains. That is the sad sick fact about the majority of humans – they are opportunistic pigs looking out only for themselves. See Winnie Mandela for quick proof. Sigh.

At any rate, back to the subject of my bitter rant on Barbie Blogger. From her description of¬†Rushdie’s book she clearly never read it. She also seems to think that his winning¬†the Man Booker Prize¬†is some merely¬†‘elitist’ thing to be shrugged off as meaningless in anyone’s decision to give him an elitist¬†award like a knighthood¬†(his 2nd book – before he wrote the one the Muslims freak out about won the Booker Prize). Well, based on that fine and well-researched opinion, I guess she gets her own literature strictly from whatever is on sale at Tesco’s or is on the best seller’s list at Luton airport¬†while waiting for her Easy Jet flight.¬†But I myself and many of my friends who went to University¬†and managed to avoid being brainwashed by extremist religious nutters¬†and woman-hating professors do like to read works of literature and we all use things like the Booker, Pulitzer and Whitbread prizes to find good new books to read.¬† Clearly she is just mouthing what she’s heard from extremist Muslim websites about his book which is a total load of old wank and she doesn’t have the guts to answer many of the comments asking her a simple question :¬†‘But have you read a single word of any of his books before you criticize him getting this literary knighthood¬†award’?

Her post also says: “Blair, the British Mussolini, will leave office disgraced and dishonoured but at least he and Cherie won’t be machined gunned and hung upside down outside the window of number 10, then thrown out on to the streets for people to piss on although that’s probably what they deserve. ” Yeah, because their sworn duty as politicians was to¬†be stark defenders of the Muslim faith as defined by it’s most extreme believers —¬†like you Steph?? Give me a break. (Oh, she likes the Mussolini term a lot because at least on a monthly basis she has to remind us how her grandpa fought him, as if that is some ‘badge’ that gives her ‘credibility’).¬†

Do I think her blog should be stopped? Hell no – I mean where else can you get so much to laugh at in 1 reading anymore these days?