Lord of Amer

If I was Goddess of this planet, I know there would not be too many people left because I would certainly first be the angry Goddess and unleash some wicked wrath. Here are my votes for which sinners to wipe out first in the next Flood …

1. Anyone who starts a war in the name of religion, revenge, oil, personal or national gain or encourages the start of a war, manipulates the media and public opinion to get a war started or votes for the start of a war.

2. Anyone who has murdered anyone.

3. Anyone who has raped anyone.

4. Paedophiles

5. Anyone who has tortured or beat people or animals.

6. Anyone who harms others or advocates harming others due to their race, religion, sexual orientation or sex (I think this one takes out about 50% of the planet, if not more)

7. Any executive or voting shareholder of a corporation who puts greed and sickening amounts of profit ahead of the well being and fair pay and treatment of their workers or the health of the planet in their production of goods.

8. The majority of Wall street traders (most of which would fit item 7 given half a chance).

9. Politicians who abuse their power and use it for personal gain.

10. Lawyers and judges who are out for a buck, ambulance chasers, the ones who persist the ‘sue them’ mentality creating a society built on petty greed and no personal responsibility.

11. Anyone who does not accept the simple concept that a political governing democracy does not have to go hand in hand with raging out of control corporations and capitalism, and does not accept that for reasons of public well being, industries need to be regulated and that a ceiling on profits via stepped tax brackets helps control people who would otherwise fall into catagory 7.

12. Anyone who thinks that littering the planet, poisoning the planet, pollution, wasteful or harmful manufacturing practices, animal testing of cosmetics etc. are ‘required’ for ‘free trade’ to ‘succeed’.

13. Anyone who advocates or practices factory farming, destroying the souls of people and animals in this hideous practice.

14. Anyone who will not agree to become vegetarian (yep, I am Goddess and you must respect that one of the first things told to Adam and Eve was that in the garden of Eden Man was given all vegetables and fruit and was told ‘for you these shall be meat’.).

15. And to show just how bitchin’ cool I am – you don’t have to believe in me to be saved. If you are ‘agnostic’ but believe in moral right and wrong, agreeing with these points that’s just fine as well. Whether or not you think your soul will continue on after death is your business – as long as you do no harm in living your life, no harm will come to you.

While the Goddess is at it, I feel like adding on some additional punishment for special cases. Paedophiles and torturers of innocent people and creatures will not only be wiped out in the Flood – they will first be skinned alive by a fierce sandstorm, and then covered in salt for about 90 days before being wiped out in the Flood.

The million or so people who remain after this cleansing Flood (probably lots of Buddhists, Hindus, Humanitarians and Unitarian Universalists) will create a wonderful society of people who are tolerant, helpful to each other and the planet, who care for their fellow creatures without exploiting them to death on factory farms and who are shepherds of the planet rather than rapers of the planet, who believe in values beyond money and personal financial gain. But from time to time if they start to stray too far, I as Goddess would not let it get to the stage we are at now before unleashing another ‘cleanup’.

Edna the dog, baby Benjamin who was left to starve to death for eight days while his parents played video games and so many other innocent tortured, murdered creatures – you will get healed and be reborn, and can join the new improved planet and live out your lives as you should have originally done.

This is what I pray for quite often. 


Bitter Rape Paid for by Your Taxes, Americans . . .

Your tax dollars at work (if you are an American) raping for the corporate gains of Halliburton (and probably many congressmen), the sick fucks. 

It is amazing to me that there has not yet been a law to change this, and yet – we sit here today with this woman who was raped in Iraq by her co-workers, unable to have her day in court for what was done to her and to get these animals locked up. So extensive were her injuries that she has had to have reconstructive surgery (her pectoral muscles were torn, breast implants torn, and she was anally and vaginally raped). The below is a summary of Jamie’s story quoted from the Move On website:

Jamie Leigh Jones was working in Iraq for a subsidiary of Halliburton when she was drugged and brutally gang-raped by several co-workers.

For the last two years, she’s been asking the US government to hold the perpetrators accountable, but the men who raped her may never be brought to justice because Halliburton and other contractors in Iraq aren’t subject to US or Iraqi laws.

Move On is calling on Congress to investigate Jamie’s case, hold those involved accountable, and bring US contractors under the jurisdiction of US law so this can’t happen again.

A compiled petition with your individual comment will be presented to your Senators and Representative.

Sign the petition here to help change this law: http://pol.moveon.org/contractors_accountable/ .

If you have had a similar experience or have further information relating to sexual abuse by government contractors while in Iraq or other countries, contact Jamie’s Foundation at this website : http://www.jamiesfoundation.org/

When it comes right down to it, these kind of men do not care at all about women of any kind – they learn to think of them as ‘other’ when they are dark skinned Iraqi’s and continue to think of them that way, even when they are their own co-workers (and in this case blonde and very attractive which is unfortunately probably the ONLY reason her case has been seeing the light of day and on the other hand, kudos to her for having the courage to get up in front of the world to talk about this).

 If these sick men do this to their own US co-workers, you can certainly more than imagine that everything you have heard (and worse) that our contractors are accused of doing to Iraqi citizens is also true. Why should we as tax payers be paying Halliburton and sub-contractors to rape, murder and pillage in Iraq in our name and WITH COMPLETE PROTECTION FROM ANY AND ALL CRIMINAL ACCOUNTABILITY? She has now started a civil suit against Halliburton, KBR, rapist Charles Boartz and several other (as yet unnamed) men as that is her only option.

It is entirely disgusting. The heads of these companies should be taken to court for encouragement to rape (it is clear this rape-culture was in fact the corporate culture of KBR, and was entirely overlooked if not even condoned by those in management according to various internal memos that have been put into public circulation since this case came to light).

Let us just be clear about something else. I do not consider the Iraq war ‘just’ or ‘correct’ nor do I think there is a damned thing heroic about any employee of Halliburton or KBR going over there to work as a paid mercenary (earning a fortune and operating outside of Iraqi or US law) to do our government’s dirty work and make more money for the Cheney clan. (I have seen some refer to Jamie Lee as a ‘hero’ for going there which I find very distasteful) – however, I do consider our troops who signed up for the military or their local National Guard long before Iraq was an issue, and who were posted there as the true war heros – many of them going there and doing their duty sworn knowing in their hearts this is a useless stupid and utterly pointless war (unless you have stock in companies like Halliburton of course).

I think they just picked the wrong girl to gang rape – she is married to a military man and has a daddy with a Republican friend in congress, she is blonde and attractive and educated – so that people will listen to her – she waited for someone to do the right thing, and was ignored. Now she has had the courage to go public and do it with grace and composure and that is the only reason why now some of these stories of horror are now starting to come out. Who knows how many more attrocities were committed against Iraqi women and men alike by Halliburton, KBR or Blackwater contractors — and we will never hear about those, because they don’t have a daddy in Texas with a congressman to call and a US TV media eager to film their photogenic face talking about this crime.

My negative opinions about Iraq and the US contractors there does not mean I don’t want justice for Jamie Lee Jones – I most certainly do and I want our laws changed so that contractors are subject to criminal prosecution. But I also want all these paid mercenaries out of there; I want Halliburton and all no-bid contractors out of there . And I would love to see Bush, Cheney, Condoleeza et al brought up on charges of crimes against humanity as well as high treason against the US government for what they have done in leading this country into war on a lie, and in how it has been conducted as a business venture for their personal profits and against our national interests ever since.

Bitter Medicine – Sicko and Michael Moore

July 9 – must have missed this but then I was not watching CNN too much here in France (I find their reporting incredibly lacking compared to some of the French stations).

Go Michael! This is a great video of Michael Moore taking CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to task for the media’s lies and distortions about his own movies (Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko) as well as about their totally shite reporting on the war when it first started and how they never asked the hard questions they should have. Wolf is dumbstruck. Hopes Michael saves his career. Other CNN lackeys make lame-o comments to try to insult Moore after the interview is over. Clearly they were blindsided. Finally some fun on TV again.


CNN spins it to try to make themselves look good and like Moore only wants publicity for his movie (well DUH and at least his movie is about something IMPORTANT, unlike CNN and others making weeks of news on Paris Hilton, Ms Lohan and other drug addled media whores) – they start saying Wolf is an ‘attack dog’ — more like ‘lap dog of the White House’  – cracks me up: http://www.cnn.com/2007/SHOWBIZ/TV/07/20/blitzer.ap/index.html?eref=rss_topstories 

Later, CNN admitted some mistakes and the 2 ‘made up’: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070717/ap_en_tv/tv_cnn_moore 

The Rightwing are shitting themselves, complaining Moore has ‘too much liberal media face time’ on this website, dedicated to exposing  a so-called ‘liberal bias’ on US news shows. Not sure how you can compare a few hours on CNN to the ENTIRE FOX network being right wing 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but whatever. http://newsbusters.org/taxonomy/term/458 – Go for it and check it out – I am not afraid of right wing freaks.

Destructive tendencies

Check out this post. Something old, something new; Something borrowed, something green. « Lacking Value So there are quite a few people (maybe a building groundswell someday) who think that civilization as wel know it is not sustainable and needs to be radically altered  . . .

 But how could this ever come about peacefully by people just ‘realizing’ it should be done? What do you do with the all too many people like my old CEO Mike Greenough, who worships money and nothing else in his life? In a company wide meeting he told a story about not visiting his dying mother so that he could travel for work, as a way to be a ‘role model’ to all of us worker bees, and after 9/11 urged us to keep working that day and not watch news and stop our productivity, because otherwise we’d be ‘letting the terrorists win’. What an ace guy. This cut throat attitude allowed him to continue buying up more companies and then fire the vast majority of each work force, paring each company down to skin and bones so he could sell off SSA Global afterwards and make a huge personal profit.

They won’t go away, these types. My feeling is the revolution will not come at all or if it does, it will be very bloody and only between those already in power, because those in power have too many ways to kill and control us already. They will mow down anyone who tries to change them or their course of destruction. The only thing that will get them in the end is what will get the rest of us – the collapse of the earth’s ecosystems. At least bacteria and some other forms of life will be happier after that. Not that I ever take pleasure in hearing of any of them dying off … Of course, I do cheer and do a little dance whenever some big venture capitalist kicks it.

Just slightly bitter today …

Bitter Pill to Swallow

Break The Chain Rally, Chicago 1993 

NOW and a few other women’s groups (including the fun but short-lived WAC Women’s Action Coalition, an ACT-UP style feminist group) banded together to break the ‘human chain’ that Joe Scheidler’s ‘Pro Life Action League/Network’ was putting around abortion clinics in Chicago.

They called it ‘sidewalk counseling’ and several people would physically stand in front of women trying to enter the clinic, to try to ‘escort’ the women out of having abortions (without even knowing if that is what they were there for in the first place). Quite often this would escalate and the gentle Christians would end up shouting in their faces, calling them horrible names, and even punching, pushing or hitting women trying to get past them and enter the clinic.

Along with legal abortions, the clinic also performed pre-natal and ob/gyn care. Some of the women pushed around by these clinic ‘sidewalk counseling’ sessions were pregnant and seeking prenatal care, not abortions.

Additionally doctors names were put on internet ‘hit lists’, their children were followed and threatened in school and a few were murdered and some clinics were bombed – the amount of violence involved in these anti-abortion protests was huge and growing.

NOW took PLAN to court and after several years of legal battles, the PLAN tactics were declared by the supreme court to fall under the RICO act. This judgement seemed to calm the violence by tripling fines for anything done at a clinic to which RICO could be applied.

But last month, the use of the RICO act to prevent this type of blockade of women trying to access health care by increasing monteary fines has been reversed thanks to dictator Bush’s new Bible thumper cronies on the supreme court. Only 2 of the voting members of the court were not part of the original 9-0 decision in favor of allowing RICO’s use. This says just how much the political spirit of the times has changed.

Over time (13 years) I guess people have forgotten what was really going on in the 80s and early 90s because so far all the news I read on this topic seems to think this decision was just jiffy and protects free speech and that normal existing state laws should suffice to stop any violence. I guess time will tell.

History until 2002 can be found here: http://www.now.org/nnt/fall-2002/timeline.html .