Meat is not only Murder, Meat is Torture

Do you like meat ? If you do, you are ingesting into your body the tortured corpses of sentient beings.  Pigs are some of the most intelligent and affectionate animals on the planet – left to their own devices of course. They are smarter than dogs in IQ and people do keep them as pets and realize how smart and affectionate and what big personalities they have. They are more like the animal described in Charlotte’s Web in real life than many people would care to realize. But people also torture, murder and eat pigs. And we wonder why so many meat eaters are so unhealthy – look at the bad karma you consume in every bite.

To read more about what pigs real personalities are like outside of factory murder farms you can check out this article and this one .

Personally I think that people who become this cruel do so to try to forget or not realize that every day when they work at these places they are responsible for killing creatures that given half a chance they would become just as fond of as their own dogs or cats, if not more. Other people who choose to work in slaughter houses are just plain sick fucks and frankly I’d be happy if they had a steel rod shoved up THEIR asses before they were put out of their misery. Continue reading


mountain running and french music

I did a 2 day run last weekend as my ‘long run’ to train for the CCC – sleeping in an auberge in Champex d’en Haut at night. There were at least 15 other runners doing about the same, all getting ready for the CCC. There were groups of Italians and French, and me the solo American chick. I ran most of the race course, but skipped out a couple sections because I started later than I wanted to on Saturday.

I started at Arnouva at the end of Val Ferret, and headed up the Grande Col Ferret right away, which is followed by a long downhill and another smaller climb to Champex for a total of about 1120m of uphill. The last 2 years I did the race, since I run that downhill so fast (it’s my favorite trail downhill evah so far … grade is perfect, trail is relatively even and the views are astounding), I’ve gotten odd inner leg cramps when I started running on the flat again (which cleared up quickly but made me slow my pace) after running it and figured I should practice the longer downhill this year to avoid that. I followed the Tour du Mont Blanc to Champex d’en Haut (about 30km), and stayed at the Auberge Bon Abri which was really nice and made very decent vegetarian food. I ran that part in 5 hours 48 mins, including a stop at La Peule to buy and consume a Rivella to celebrate my arrival in la Suisse. Even though I thought I pretty much dicked around at La Peule, I managed to run this bit of the course 1 1/2 hours faster than my past 2 years when I was racing (granted it’s preceded at that stage by 17km of running but I still think/hope that 17km of tiredness would not make me 1.5 hours slower).

I arrived a lot earlier than I expected, so I took advantage and showered (yeah, hot water & ice cold water … I always ice down my legs and hips now after a long run) did a nice yoga/stretch session on the grass near two Herens cows grazing with bells clanging and laid out in the sun lounger chair until dinner time. I was in a 6 person room, but it was not full. Another bonus (especially as it’s high summer season).

Definitely could have gone for either of my two mountain climber roommates (who’d just done the Tour du Monte Rosa and climbed about 15 4000m peaks in 9 days and were telling me the benefits of high altitude training) at Bon Abri – one of the few times I’ve been at in a shared room that I a. found the people in the room attractive and b. was not kept up by the others in the room either snoring or farting. Score for me. Continue reading

Climbr and Sexr Bitters

So lately I’ve been feeling incredibly over sexed and also physically stronger. Not sure if this is from losing weight or just from having more positive attention paid to me by a few people, or maybe losing weight has made me more confident, and has lead to all these things (booty call cyber sex, booty call sms texts last night and massive flirting as well as recently some great smiles and sexy looks from some very cute men I saw in Courmayeur). Weight continues to drop (I must confess I was not ‘obese’ – at worst I had a BMI considered just at the edge of overweight but to me that is huge – and now have dropped 7kg in the past 2 months and am well inside what is considered ‘normal weight’ BMI. But I know for myself as an athlete, I always feel best and have had strongest strength to weight ratio at about 7-8 kg less than my current weight – if I can manage to get back down to that at my ripe old age, let’s see),. However, no actual sex has even so much as brushed my hips … so its rather frustrating in the end, even if it is exciting and distracting and ego-boosting. But, I think 3 pluses outweigh the one minus, and I am going to keep this flirting thing up. Would love to find some chicks to flirt with as well though they seem rather scarce in these here parts (or hide it well) – that was my last totally hot make-out session that I never followed up on, actually. Several years back at New Years with a lovely lovely girl. However, I did see two really hot chicks making out at the Chamonix Clubhouse two weekends ago. But alas, they are not locals. Naida my dear, if you are reading this – you are definitely one sexy chicky.

Anyhow, back to important stuff. Climbing is coming along now that I am going regularly again and each time I go I feel like I am making progress to get back to the level I left off at when I quit (not willingly) around 2003 by losing my climbing (and sex) partner to long term life-threatening illness and getting rather depressed about the whole situation. Finally I am starting to climb 6a+ on lead (at least for the first hour of the session) but still have falls 😉 . Want to get back to the 6b/c range where I was in 2003 and back to the days when 6a+ was a cake walk and I could climb ’em all day long. We’ll see if I can get there by spring.

I always think the charts that say that 6a+ is 5.10a or b in the US, and that 6b is 5.10c and that 6c is 5.11 in the US are totally full of shite, btw. I climbed (with rests, or falls on lead but made it up) some 6c routes the third year I was here. They did not feel to me to be any harder than the 5.10 routes I ever did in gyms in the midwest, and there is just no way that 6a+ is 5.10a. Either the midwest US is sandbag hell or the French comparison is off. But then again, I climbed in the USA west too in a few areas too – and I still have to wonder about this scale. The MEC site makes it look even better (I mean in my French ratings favor) . Dunno. I suppose it’s possible I got better, but it just seems to not translate when I go back to the US. Guess it depends on where you climb.

And I’ve signed up for the race in Val Ferret. 20km in the snow. I tried it today in knee deep fresh powder, running on the trail near my house in Yaktrax and RaidLight mini gaiters and it worked great – feet didn’t get cold or wet, and no problems slipping on the bits that had been plowed & gotten icey along the roads on the way to the trail. But it was very hard work – like going uphill in some ways and definitely will build up stronger legs for ski touring later. Actually was very happy to find a use for the RaidLight gaiters, as I’d bought them originally to use in the Ultra Trail CCC race, and quickly decided they were stupidly warm and not very breathable for a summer race (I found some great Quechua summer trail shoe gaiters made of mesh and their job is to keep out stones and sticks on trail). I didn’t think I’d ever see or be in a winter snow foot race.

It has snowed about 60cm or more here in the past few days. The ski de fond piste we will run on should be nicely packed down by then – forecast is for cold clear weather for the next 4 days. And that also means its time to haul the skis out again and start trying to figure out powder or get myself off piste again. I’ve been a few times already actually, but only on those start of winter icey pistes. I love skiing hors piste, but still find myself floundering all too often in powder. Off piste in crud, fine – chopped up shit, fine, even now fine in crusty crap. But can’t figure out for the life of me how to relax in powder. Probably the issue is we just don’t get enough of it in this valley. Unless you ski in the snow storm, it’s skied out by the next day. Am hoping the addition of Courmayeur to the ski Chamonix Unlimited pass this year will lead to more discoveries out that way. And also am hoping to be able to do more ski tours this year. Hope hope hope springs eternal.

Fuzzy Navel

The GVA Escalade race is full – was full weeks ago. Bugger. Guess it’s because of their 30th anniversary or something. Will have to either say ‘that’s a wrap’ on this season of find some more obscure race down the valley for December. The Les Houches running club winds up Dec 15 until next Spring, but the CMBM running group will keep going all winter, if I want to go there rather than ski. Weather will decide that one I think.

Went up the GM last weekend for my first day of skiing this season, as they opened two lifts last Saturday, weekends only. Fronts of my shins were sore afterwards . . . getting used to ski boots again. Will go again this weekend as long as impending snowstorm doesn’t shut the hill. I am regretting having sold my ski rando set up last Fall as now I will have to wait at least several more weeks for the new stuff to arrive (new Dynastar 8000s with Naxo bindings at cost which you can’t spit at) because I did not expect the early snow to be so good — everyone is out touring already up the Le Tour piste to the Possettes or up the Pierre a Ric to the top of the Grandes Montets to find stashes of fresh stuff (they didn’t even open the Bochard, much less the top station so those who take the time to walk up there are apparently being well rewarded w/powder).

Either that or it’s down to the Annecy Marché de Noël if the town shuts , which will be a nice alternative. The crap they sell at these things is usually quite twee but there are sometimes interesting inexpensive gifts you can find for people that you really just don’t know what to get, yet still want to give something to them. And of course the spicey fruity vin chaud is irrelevant to wanting to go to these things.

Alternately … it appears the top of Courmayeur will open on Saturday and they didn’t get the foehn wind that we did, so that could be even more promising conditions as their weather doesn’t show it getting cloudy on Saturday until the afternoon.

And I just found out there is a 20km trail running race called the Winter Eco Trail where you run on a snow track in Val Ferret on Dec 15. Hmmmm. Maybe … but have not trained at that distance in a couple of months.

Hmmm it worked

OK there is definitely something to this. Two weeks without carbs, but eating plenty of food. Even cheated slightly having heavy flat whole rye bread and butter twice with the soft boiled eggs. Weight loss after less than 2 weeks = 2.5 kilos. Exercise = same or slightly less (as it snowed so less running), calories = same (ish??) because I’d say I upped the oil/protein amounts to make up for lack of carbs. Snacks were fromage blanc, cheese. Ate large servings. Probably had too much cheese in fact. Ate loads of nuts (raw organic almonds, organic sunflower seeds) as snacks as well (supposedly high calorie no-no). In fact, after eating cheese for a week of this experiment I realized it was supposed to be off the ticker for the first two weeks due to lactose (milk sugar) – oops. And I could not tell in France which cheeses were considered ‘low fat’ but I do go for raw milk cheeses, which I think are better for you irrelevant of the fat content because the milk is not pasturized so still has some nutritional value. But in any case, I did lose weight. I felt better. Metabolism seems to have kicked in. Digestion works. So either we are allergic to wheat (have heard this can cause weight gain in and of itself) or there is something to this ‘pre diabetes’ metabolic syndrome theory …

Compare this to spending the past 2 years running like a demon and not losing an ounce (except I did lose and quickly re-gain 1 kilo after last year’s CCC race, but not after this year’s).

Now to see if the modified ‘add back in some carbs’ will cause weight re-gain or not . . . experiment in carbo limitation’s effect on weight loss continues starting this week after my one week break for Thanksgiving / travel.