Do you have what it takes . . .

to climb Mont Blanc? Should you go it alone or with a mountain guide? How should you choose a mountain guide if you need one? What kind of physical preparation is required? What are the conditions likely to be? What kind of gear should I carry? How do I reserve a night at one of the high mountain huts that access the route? Which route should I take? How difficult is it really? (It’s a really easy 4810m mountain, right? … or is it? )

Perhaps you want to look at my tracking of deaths on Mt Blanc this year (2007) in prior posts

And definitely you will want to look at this new brochure maintained by the High Mountain Office (OHM) in Chamonix which gives the answers to the above questions (you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the pdf file) entitled “Climbing Mont Blanc is Best left to Experienced Mountaineers” .

The OHM is located next to the old church in the center of town (near the Office of Tourism) and should be a ‘definite’ stop before you climb any major route in the area – they have the most detailed and up to date forecasts, as well as current route information (inside the building). Mountain guides use this office as well as experienced individual mountaineers. You can also find climbing partners who have posted ads seeking others, or post an ad yourself to find a partner to do any of the various mountain routes in Chamonix.