Bitterly Environmental

A recent post on a Flickr group called Flickr Central  has sparked a number of anti-recycling replies and lots of self-contratulatory back patting amongst those right-wing anti-environmental head-in-the-sand types who are proud to say they do not recycle.

One person said they don’t recycle anymore ‘because Penn and Teller on their TV show said it was useless’. It made me remember how much I detest Penn and Teller’s show. When I first saw them perform I thought they were so cool. Later I realized they actually had a right-wing agenda couched in trying to be ‘cool’. They are sceptics, which is not a bad thing, but they are right-wing (supposedly ‘libertarian’ but whatever) sceptics who conveniently lie when their ‘scepticism’ is in fact just a window dressing for a political outlook – and that is a bad thing. They leave out hugely important points in their analysis as well, and because they come off as intelligent and because most Americans watching their show are not so smart, it makes ’em seen right a lot of the time.  Sometimes it’s harmless BS and I could not care less, such as the show debunking people who claim to communicate with the dead for money. I imagine that their opinion on this particular issue will have little effect on the overall industry of psychics.

But with Recycling – here they are encouraging people to continue to sit on their asses and ‘do nothing’ which will only damage to the environment. To suggest that recycling is a ‘bad thing’ or a ‘wasteful and stupid’ thing to do is simply an irresponsible lie (oh and don’t get me started on their dumb ass program on how second hand smoke is not harmful … probably sponsored by the tobacco industry).  This is where I get pissed off.

First of all, Penn and Teller are clever and distort facts. They try to make it sound ‘uncool’ to recycle – but who actually loses out if you dare to recycle ? Oh yeah, maybe some big strip mining interests somewhere … but not me, and not the average person. Even if I waste a few minutes a day paying attention (and it becomes a habit after a few months believe me) and even if only a fraction of what I put into the recycling bin is recycled … that is still more waste material than would be recycled and would benefit the planet than if everyone STOPPED doing it. And, more than a ‘fraction’ of what you put into the bin IS indeed recycled. But they argue there is no benefit to recycling. Of course their arguement is a fallacy – it is purely based on MONEY which is of course not the only thing in the world to consider when judging the benefit of a given practice! Oh, wait, unless you are a right-wing capitalist. Maybe then it make sense. But naw … not if you have children and actually care about the world they will inherit. What are these guys thinking ??? I bet they are thinking … hey we’ll say a lot of controversial crap on our show and make tons of money! Probably that’s the ticket. That and their strip mining industry friends … Continue reading


Lord of Amer

If I was Goddess of this planet, I know there would not be too many people left because I would certainly first be the angry Goddess and unleash some wicked wrath. Here are my votes for which sinners to wipe out first in the next Flood …

1. Anyone who starts a war in the name of religion, revenge, oil, personal or national gain or encourages the start of a war, manipulates the media and public opinion to get a war started or votes for the start of a war.

2. Anyone who has murdered anyone.

3. Anyone who has raped anyone.

4. Paedophiles

5. Anyone who has tortured or beat people or animals.

6. Anyone who harms others or advocates harming others due to their race, religion, sexual orientation or sex (I think this one takes out about 50% of the planet, if not more)

7. Any executive or voting shareholder of a corporation who puts greed and sickening amounts of profit ahead of the well being and fair pay and treatment of their workers or the health of the planet in their production of goods.

8. The majority of Wall street traders (most of which would fit item 7 given half a chance).

9. Politicians who abuse their power and use it for personal gain.

10. Lawyers and judges who are out for a buck, ambulance chasers, the ones who persist the ‘sue them’ mentality creating a society built on petty greed and no personal responsibility.

11. Anyone who does not accept the simple concept that a political governing democracy does not have to go hand in hand with raging out of control corporations and capitalism, and does not accept that for reasons of public well being, industries need to be regulated and that a ceiling on profits via stepped tax brackets helps control people who would otherwise fall into catagory 7.

12. Anyone who thinks that littering the planet, poisoning the planet, pollution, wasteful or harmful manufacturing practices, animal testing of cosmetics etc. are ‘required’ for ‘free trade’ to ‘succeed’.

13. Anyone who advocates or practices factory farming, destroying the souls of people and animals in this hideous practice.

14. Anyone who will not agree to become vegetarian (yep, I am Goddess and you must respect that one of the first things told to Adam and Eve was that in the garden of Eden Man was given all vegetables and fruit and was told ‘for you these shall be meat’.).

15. And to show just how bitchin’ cool I am – you don’t have to believe in me to be saved. If you are ‘agnostic’ but believe in moral right and wrong, agreeing with these points that’s just fine as well. Whether or not you think your soul will continue on after death is your business – as long as you do no harm in living your life, no harm will come to you.

While the Goddess is at it, I feel like adding on some additional punishment for special cases. Paedophiles and torturers of innocent people and creatures will not only be wiped out in the Flood – they will first be skinned alive by a fierce sandstorm, and then covered in salt for about 90 days before being wiped out in the Flood.

The million or so people who remain after this cleansing Flood (probably lots of Buddhists, Hindus, Humanitarians and Unitarian Universalists) will create a wonderful society of people who are tolerant, helpful to each other and the planet, who care for their fellow creatures without exploiting them to death on factory farms and who are shepherds of the planet rather than rapers of the planet, who believe in values beyond money and personal financial gain. But from time to time if they start to stray too far, I as Goddess would not let it get to the stage we are at now before unleashing another ‘cleanup’.

Edna the dog, baby Benjamin who was left to starve to death for eight days while his parents played video games and so many other innocent tortured, murdered creatures – you will get healed and be reborn, and can join the new improved planet and live out your lives as you should have originally done.

This is what I pray for quite often. 

Bitter Earth

In some cases, I would rather not be vindicated in my viewpoints (bitter as they are, one always hopes I am exaggerating) however – this article in the International Herald Tribune paper by James Kanter amazed me. It amazed me not for what it said (it’s what I’ve been saying here and being criticized for when commenting on other people’s blogs for some time now) – but it amazed me rather by the fact that it was published as the front page headline in this international English language paper period. I bought it at the local news stand here in town on the day it was published (oblivious) and read it while eatinge my lunch. I practically dropped the eggs back on the plate as I digested it. I found it online so that I could blog about it.

If a conservative international paper is printing this – the reality can only be worse before editing was done ….

 Here is are some excerpts:

The human population is living far beyond its means and inflicting damage on the environment that could pass points of no return, according to a major report issued Thursday by the United Nations. . .

“The human population is now so large that the amount of resources needed to sustain it exceeds what is available at current consumption patterns,” Achim Steiner, the executive director of the program, said in a telephone interview. Efficient use of resources and reducing waste now are “among the greatest challenges at the beginning of 21st century,” he said. . .

Over the past two decades the world population has increased by almost 34 percent to 6.7 billion from 5 billion; similarly, the financial wealth of the planet has soared by about a third. But the land available to each person on earth had shrunk by 2005 to 2.02 hectares, or 5 acres, from 7.91 hectares in 1900 and was projected to drop to 1.63 hectares for each person by 2050, the report said.

. . . other tipping points triggered by climate change could occur in areas like India and China if Himalayan glaciers shrank so much that they no longer supplied adequate amounts of water to populations in those countries.

He also warned of a global collapse of all species being fished by 2050, if fishing around the world continued at its present pace.

The report said 250 percent more fish are being caught than the oceans can produce in a sustainable manner, and that the number of fish stocks classed as collapsed had roughly doubled to 30 percent globally over the past 20 years. . . .

The report said that current changes in biodiversity were the fastest in human history, with species becoming extinct a hundred times as fast as the rate in the fossil record. It said 12 percent of birds were threatened with extinction; for mammals the figure was 23 percent and for amphibians it was more than 30 percent.

“Scientists now refer to a sixth major extinction crisis that’s under way,” . . .

As a supposed solution I find the ideas in this paragraph troubling however:

“Life would be easier if we didn’t have the kind of population growth rates that we have at the moment,” Steiner said. “But to force people to stop having children would be a simplistic answer. The more realistic, ethical and practical issue is to accelerate human well-being and make more rational use of the resources we have on this planet.”

Uh … sorry – let’s go with the simple answer.  How is it ‘more ethical’ to continue the ridiculous idea that humans are the most important form of life on the planet and ‘deserve’ to live in excess of what all other forms of life here are ‘allowed’ ? This ridiculous line of thinking is what got us into this mess to start with!

Remember what they teach in school – Keep It Simple, STUPID! In the 60s and early 70s many activists were fighting for human population control. Europe and the USA ‘got it’ for the most part (except allowing people to go to invitro fertilization which I find a horrible and ridiculous waste of resources – not to mention damaging to the gene pool in general to allow people who naturally cannot breed to DO SO) and population growth has slowed in the first world countries. Why NOT try it elsewhere? Otherwise how in the world do you CONTINUE to accelerate human well-being (as they euphamistically put it) FOREVER ? At some point – you MUST deal with out of control population growth. We are taking over the planet like an out of control virus.

Can I say ‘go MSRA’ and ‘go AIDS’ as a form of population control? Not really as unfortunately these kill indiscriminantly …  I do so wish there was a virus that only killed dumb-asses. . . . I hope somewhere that left-wing hippy scientists are working on that. Start with Bush and his cabinet as experiments, and move on through the heads and major office holders of all the global corporations. And while you are at it – give a good hit at the bible belt of Christian ‘fundamentalists’ in the USA and elsewhere who oppose the idea of global warming and overpopulation (as it might lead to someone approving of abortions), as well as the Muslim fundamentalists who want to rule with religion rather than sense. Religious zealots and greedy oil, chemical and arms capitalists – all working hand in hand marching us to global Armageddon.

Overweight? Hungry? Blame Factory Farming and GMO Foods

As we enter the time of the Fall Harvest, something that I have hypothosized about to myself for years is being proven now in real studies, according to the below article.

I had always wondered if part of why the populations in developed countries were getting fatter and fatter was due in large part to the lack of nutrition in the food that people were eating. My theory was that it should contain less nutrients each year, due to poor soil that results from factory farming practices, chemical fertilizers and GMO crops, making people crave more food in order to get the same amount of vitamins and minerals which their bodies required.

I realize that as well there is a factor of less exercise on a daily basis and more watching of TV, internet, computer and video games contributing to this – but I also see plenty of people who do exercise and remain a bit pudgy and seem to crave a lot of food.

Looking for more reasons to go organic? Look no further  . . . here are some key excerpts from the article:

Continue reading

Bitter Trade – Chinese Companies Export Deadly Products for Profit

I, like many people, have been getting very creeped out by what is going on with the Chinese imports lately. I generally do my best to avoid products from China in favor of locally made goods. I was doing this before I heard about all the fake ingredients, poisonings and deaths related to Chinese exports just for the fact that Chinese companies were stealing manufacturing jobs from Europe. Sometimes it’s not possible to find anything that is NOT made in China (my recent search for running shoes was very difficult). But in general, I am boycotting products manufactured in this country.

The Chinese manufacturing industry is clearly out of control, and they have no effective quality regulations in place. Let’s just see what they’ve done this year and in recent years.

Hmm. Idealistic Communists? Or Capitalist Corporate Robber Barons R Them?

2006 Poisoned thousands of pets to death in the USA and Canada (and who knows where else) by selling PURPOSEFULLY contaminated ‘wheat gluten’ and ‘rice gluten’ to pet food companies. The special ingredient was melamine, which made the gluten look like it had more protein when it was tested. It also happened to be toxic and caused kidney failure in cats and dogs all over north America. Continue reading