Obama the Antichrist ?

So I had a really fucked up conversation with my Dad’s side of the family the other day.  I will apologize in advance for the free-form rambling of this post … maybe later I’ll tidy it up a bit into more biting cynicism but for now this will have to do as I am tired … Read post and take this poll after …

My mom and my dad could not be further apart in their political views these days, and it’s a good thing they got divorced. She is a firm supporter of Obama, though realistic that he’s still just a politician, she hopes he’ll be better than the Bush crowd that simply made more money for a small top portion of business associates tied to oil and military. She doesn’t foam at the mouth when she talks about McCain and Palin – she points out reasonable things like his political views, her batty lack of experience and corrupt past history in Alaska as well as her virulently anti-abortion views when talking about why she’d never want him/her elected. 

The fact that he’s been a Bush supporter on most of the issues that caused the economic situation today (and on the Iraq war) and that Bush managed in the process of his two terms to destroy the entire US economy and potentially the economy of most of the first world countries in his continued allowance of further unbridled capitalism, completely void of meaningful regulations. Now, yes, some of these policies were started by Democrats … but certainly he only furthered their initiatives, further deregulated industries that should never have been deregulated etc.. I can’t even understand why the people in the US are not protesting on the streets in massive numbers considering what this man did to their country. By far the worst president in the history of the country. So, even if Obama is still part of the same ‘political machine’ most people who support him are realistic – we just hope he’s a kinder, gentler fuck up the ass than Bush and will try to change more things for the better of the middle class, knowing that the good of the whole country is really in the best interest of all political parties if they want the US to remain a constitutional democracy (even though he’s a millionaire).

On the other hand, to speak to my step Mother and my Dad and listen to the evil hating shit that comes out of their mouths – I am speechless. They sound like they living in a science fiction movie and speak like they are brown shirt Nazi’s in WWII, dumbly repeating the puppeted words of their masters verbatim without stopping for a moment to consider how absolutely repugnant and unrealistic the words coming out of their mouths are. The amazing propaganda machine that is the right-wing has managed to whip up such hatred of Obama – I’ve never witnessed such knee-jerk reactions that are not based in reality during a political campaign. My stepmother actually said to me that she thinks Obama will be the ‘anti-Christ’ if he’s elected and she and my Dad think it is meaningful sign that people like Louis Farrakhan call Obama ‘a Messaih’ (another stupid caricature from the opposite end of the spectrum). They both agreed with each other on this point. Right wing Christian freaks have been shouting in their ears and they believe them.

What is it about otherwise seemingly intelligent people that allows them to believe – seriously believe – such blatently obvious utter tripe ? Stepmom also thinks Palin is amazing (well this is understandable as she is strongly anti-abortion herself). She says Biden talks out of both sides of his mouth, but then she finds Palin credible despite seeing how she’s run Alaska and the scandals there about how she abused her power (how does that fit in with an ‘aw shucks’ hockey mom image) ? I just fail to understand how people become so bamboozled by propaganda that they cannot realistically watch a person speak on TV and judge them for themselves, not through the ridiculous viewpoints of people on the extreme edge of either side. Just watching Palin squirm and wriggle, unable to put together meaningful sentences when interviewed by newscasters is enough to make my skin crawl – like hearing fingernails on a chalk-board. But then Bush is the same level of idiot and many people loved him. Maybe they don’t like to vote people in with higher IQs than they themselves can comprehend would exist ?

When I pointed out to my Dad that there is truly little difference between Republicans and Democrats, and that really it’s the rich vs. the poor, he agreed. We talked about the banking scandals and how there were as many involved Republicans as Democrats who profited all these years from the de-regulation policies and how Bush controlled the country for 8 years, so how could he tell me this was Jimmy Carter’s fault or the fault of the poor.

Oh yeah, this was another nugget – the right wing now is saying that the loan programs started by Carter to help poor families get homes in the fucking 1970s caused the current bank failures !! That this Carter policy was responsible for the Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac crashes 30 years later after years of de-regulation and changes in that industry since it was first incepted (which by the way started under the evil motherfucker Ronald Reagan)!

Fuck me – like we didn’t have quite a few Republican politicians come through in that time to correct any supposed mistakes Carter made? No, of course not. But of course the original Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac loans are now mostly repaid from the era of Carter – the defaulted loans are the ones given out in the de-regulated world economy that Carter’s team certainly did not foresee, where banks bet on the mortgages with each other on the open stock market!.

All he could say in response was that McCain was a ‘rebel’ and a ‘maverick’ (I love that the real Maverick family are suing to get McCain to stop using their family name in vain!). Well he does live in McCain’s home state, so is even more full of the garbage from that end of things than most of the country. Still how can the country’s Republicans, who had power for 8 years, cling to the notion that NONE OF WHAT HAS HAPPENED IS THEIR FAULT when it stares them in the face ? Are they so much part of the ‘blame anyone but me generation’ that they can’t see the forest for the trees – can’t see how greedy politicians in a 2 party system are going to fuck the poor no matter what ? That it’s all a big game – Republicans rape the country for 8 years, the Democrats come in and make love a bit while screwing around behind your back, then you get raped by Republicans again for 8 more years – that this is the cycle we’ve been in since WWII and the takeover by the military industrial complex and corporate interests ? That the sixties and all the political assassinations assured this cycle would continue (with more Republicans than Democrats of course) via threat of death if you do not tow the party line? That the US has basically LOST it’s middle class and is now exporting it to countries like India thanks to corporate interests – that there is NO SUCH THING as a ‘US Corporation’ – none of them have national pride or national interests as a concern?

But he still went back to his comfortable right-wing rhetoric in the end that explains all the pain away, never blames rich corporate heads who control the press or the politicans, and instead points the finger at Mexican immigrants, ‘evil doer’ terrorists (like Obama!!) and anything else ‘out there’ and untangible to keep them frightened and not looking too deeply to find the real truth. The propaganda masterminds are great at using fear of ‘other’ to control the population – Hitler used it and the right-wing Republican party uses it. It’s like the part of my Dad that is logical and intelligent and ‘should know better’ is just lost to this fear-based rumour mongering. And as he goes ( a college educated engineer with a Master’s degree ), so goes much of the nation.

Two outcomes to the election I can foresee.

1. Election will be stolen by the Republicans just as it was 4 years ago even though Obama leads in polls

2. Obama will win and will be assassinated by some freak all pumped up on this deadly racist, anti-Islamic pro-‘American’ rhetoric put out by the right wing which has people like my step Mother believing this man is an un-American muslim terrorist (oh yeah, and he’s black!)

I hope that no matter what happens, there will be riots on the streets of the states in protest – violent ones that force people to realize that despite the bullshit that comes out of my step-Mother’s mouth – you are NOT MORE FREE IN THE USA than anywhere else on the planet. But I won’t hold my breath. Likely it will be followed by another ‘terrorist attack’ to ensure the fear stays strong and propaganda keeps hold of the hearts and minds of the US citizens.

Your freedoms are GONE folks – wake up! You are so much LESS FREE than most of Europe but your propaganda news machines make you think you have so much to be ‘thankful’ for … you, many of you, even believe that 99.9% of the free world must be wrong and that socialized medicine will be evil! Socialized medicine will never come to the USA for three reasons.

1. Insurance companies won’t let it – they stand to lose out big time

2. Doctors won’t accept reasonable salaries and the loss of their fake demi god status

3. People are fucking stupid in the USA and even though they travel to other countries, or hear people who live in and experience the health benefits n other nations talk about how good it is – they prefer to believe the scare tactic horror stories coming from items 1 and 2 – the ones who will lose lots of money in a socialized medical system

Unfortunately the only way I can see the US improving at all is via total US economic collapse (unfortunately that will take out much of Europe and is unlikely now that we have Sarko and other Euro-corporate boys running over there to try to tell the idiot how to stop the bleeding) and a complete tossing out of all the Washington insiders, and a popular revolt electing real humans to the Congress and white house. I can’t ever see that happening though – the media is corporate, the corporations are too powerful, richer than many small countries in fact …

So that is why I will never ever move back there – and why I hate politicians such as Sarkozy and anyone else with policies who try to change Europe to be more like the States — ie, to allow corporations more power here – the socialist nations of Europe need to resist the raw capitalism of the States – so far the people here are far more politically astute than the citizens in the US and so I can just hope that continues, but then again – the French elected Sarkozy last time … now proven as just another one of Bush’s butt wipers and corporate ass-kisser.


Meat is not only Murder, Meat is Torture

Do you like meat ? If you do, you are ingesting into your body the tortured corpses of sentient beings.  Pigs are some of the most intelligent and affectionate animals on the planet – left to their own devices of course. They are smarter than dogs in IQ and people do keep them as pets and realize how smart and affectionate and what big personalities they have. They are more like the animal described in Charlotte’s Web in real life than many people would care to realize. But people also torture, murder and eat pigs. And we wonder why so many meat eaters are so unhealthy – look at the bad karma you consume in every bite.

To read more about what pigs real personalities are like outside of factory murder farms you can check out this article http://www.goveg.com/f-hiddenlivespigs.asp and this one http://www.goveg.com/f-hiddenlivespigs_experts.asp .

Personally I think that people who become this cruel do so to try to forget or not realize that every day when they work at these places they are responsible for killing creatures that given half a chance they would become just as fond of as their own dogs or cats, if not more. Other people who choose to work in slaughter houses are just plain sick fucks and frankly I’d be happy if they had a steel rod shoved up THEIR asses before they were put out of their misery. Continue reading

Sexism in running … something finally to be bitter about

OK – gotta get this crap off my chest. I know most French girls are fucking girly. They always disappoint me, cute as their skinny bitch asses almost always are. Many of them won’t run or exercise in general because it makes them sweat, they don’t do sports because guys might not like them, don’t want muscle etc.. They prefer to smoke and puke up after eating to stay slim instead of climbing, hiking etc. to do it. Not all of course … there are a couple French girl mountain guides, good climbers, top ultra runners. But they do not represent the majority or even popular sentiment. The ones who do it ‘regularly’ seem to have to be at a super high level, then they are respected and revered even, but they are seen as a class apart from ‘most french women’. I know that is a given. For a country that invented feminism supposedly, the girls here prefer to stay pretty far back in general with regards to sports and are happy to go hiking letting their boyfriends carry their backpacks most of the time. The Ultra trail race I did has always under 300 women out of 2000 participating and the big race has about the same number of women out of 2500 runners.

BUT still – WTF is it with France and Switzerland still being so god damned sexist about incredibly short races like the distance of 10km where it is an olympic event for women ?! Or why do you never see ANY women bike clubs rolling down the street (tons of men’s clubs with them all dressed up in spandex, dicks plainly visible … wouldn’t chicks want to show off their tits and muscles in the same way ?) What’s up with this ?

The NUMBER of times I have come across foot races where ONLY MEN can sign up for the 10km distance, and women must sign up for  a shorter 7.5 or 5km races on the same day is DISGUSTING. I find this constantly – I find a 10km race in a nearby town, go to the site to sign up and find out I CANNOT. I must sign up for the pink girly race instead if I want to race that day (I don’t – I simply will not support these types of races!).

Even in the local Le Dauphiné Libéré newspaper a few days ago in the run-up to the Annecy 10km (which does have women and men in the same distance) had an article that was chock-o-block full of sexist commentary such as saying how a 10km race is so very difficult and that it calls for a ‘strong male’ with a big heart and muscular legs (do these guys even watch these races, or are they just gay men drooling over imaginary male runners who write these articles??? – most of the guys in these races looked like scrawny whippets to me compared to muscular ultra trailers I ran with last week) and it went on to speak about how the ‘weaker female sex’ made such a GOOD showing this year by enrolling close to 200 chicks in a race of 800 people. WTF ???

The girl who won the women’s catagory in this race beat most of those ‘strong men’ coming in 52nd place scratch in 36 minutes. The first year of the CCC (then 86km) a woman won the ENTIRE race scratch beating every man in the race by a large gap. What makes them think this is so ‘weak’ when MOST of the men who enter any given foot race end up getting BEATEN by a WOMAN (even though by percentage we are a FRACTION of the total racers) and that the extra 2.5km is so ‘difficult’ for women to run that they have to hold a special 7.5km race ‘just for us’  ?

Just shut up and get to work worshipping my pussy, French boy is all I want to say … get on down there and stay there!

Bitter about dogs and bitter to the olympic core

Remind me again why this nation of cruel ruling cretins is getting to host the olympic games ? I wrote this as a draft May 21 … and left it sit to make sure I felt the same way, and now in August I do, so I am publishing it. It is an odd mix of writing because it talks about the global cruelty to dogs on one hand and the utterly personal issues about one dog I knew on the other … oh well.

China of course right after the quake did what any ‘normal’ country would do. The ordered the slaughter of all dogs in the region of the quake. Yep. They slaughter dogs at the drop of a hat in China — 2007 saw them ordering dog owners to kill their dogs even if they could prove they’d been vaccinated against rabies, due to 1 case of rabies in a particular region and in 2005 50,000 dogs were beaten to death after a rabies outbreak in another region all by government order. They torture them to death for food as well. Now after the earthquake – time to kill more dogs, of course – because what is more logical, right?  Why not cull all the screaming children and mothers who lost their kids as well – they are also a bit inconvenient now. Or maybe only the girls, because they are less valuable. What do I see on the internet first though ? Propaganda about 1 Chinese woman who has taken in something like 200 cats to prevent them from having the same fate of being ‘cleaned up’ before the olympics come to town … which is nice of course that someone like this exists … but this old lady has to live with 200 cats because her government and a majority of people around her are so freaking disgustingly cruel to animals.

Or let’s go on to Korea – where they have cruel dog meat farms (BBC reported on it without judgement – I for one believe there IS a right and wrong and am sick and tired of ball-less people who can’t denounce cruelty for what it is.). Maybe they will have a devastating earthquake soon as well. Meat is murder, flat out. I don’t eat it. But when a nation can both keep as a pet and eat the same creature – that says a lot about their lack of good emotional make up and morality.

Well I for one am acting at home as well. Similar circumstances about someone’s lack of moral make up someone who can keep a pet and then throw it away when it becomes a bit inconvenient. Am I planning to kill local Chinese dog torturers ? No, but I am dropping a friend for her lack of morality and loyalty to another living creature.

She told me today she’s giving up her dog of 2 years (well, he has been bounced around a lot in that time thanks to her wishy-washy-ness), and sending him off to another country where they don’t speak his language to people she’s never met, because it’s ‘for the best for him’ and that is that. She is fine with it, pleased with herself in fact. Self-satisfied and smug. Best for him because … ? Certainly he was not complaining.

She is a good manipulator but not with me. This decision she made has zero to do with the dog, since all he wants is to be with a person who he’s known as his ‘leader’ and loved since he was 8 weeks old (her). It’s for her own selfish reasons she’s doing this and nothing else. She wants to be more free, and sod the fact that she took on a dog who loves her a couple of years ago – that was then, this is now and the fad is over (for her).

She got the dog 2 years ago, in my current opinion out of her own insecurity rather than true desire for a dog for companionship etc. like most normal people would. To fit in with the Chamonix ‘in crowd’ who all had Bernese mountain dogs, I now realize that this is why she fixated on the idea of getting a dog as well. Well this is what I see now in hindsight.

It was the summer that I got to know her, and we ran a lot together. I thought we were becoming close friends. We did some super long runs (8 hours) and trained together on a regular basis, and I certainly talked from my heart about various issues that were personal to me, and assumed she was doing the same, and was being sincere etc.. She talked endlessly about her excitement over getting a dog, and how she’d hike with him and make him a part of her life and even of her future job as a hiking guide etc.. She always walked and ran with me and our dogs together and she liked our dogs and asked about training them and that sort of thing, and also purchased a number of dog training books, dog massage books, alternative dog care books etc.. 

I explained to her how I’d fallen in love with Bernese Mountain Dogs I’d met in Switzerland, but that after researching the breed we’d gotten a mixed Bernese on purpose because purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs have a huge problem with inbreeding and hereditary illnesses that kill most of them before 8 years old. I couldn’t stand the idea of a dog with such a big personality living for such a short time, and I wanted the best possible chance at health for my dogs. So, we searched Swiss websites got Bernese/Appenzeller mixes to try to (we hope) avoid some of these health issues but to keep a lot of the basic looks and personality that I loved about the Bernese. So far we have found our Bernese-Appenzeller mix dogs do not go lame and have not gotten dysplasia the way so many Bernese do and they are very athletic dogs. Only time will tell about the cancer issues. I explained about how I fed them raw and real food diets to avoid health issues found in diets of commercial dog food, which is like a human living on a diet of tinned macaroni or boxed cereal for all their life.

We even agreed to give her and her fiancee three kittens from a litter of kittens that our cat had (accident, she is now spayed). The first bad sign was that she promptly let all the cats wander in and out of the house ‘at will’ from the time they were kittens rather than keeping them inside for the first few months and they lived next to a road. One got hit by a car and died that winter … but I put it down to tragic accident and stayed friends, though I guess I was starting to feel like she was a bit detached as her reaction to it was not terribly sad really. I felt I was more sad about it than she was, as that was my favorite kitten.

Back to the dogs – despite all our friends with Bernese purebreds having screwed up dogs with dysplasia, cancer and personality issues – she wanted a purebred, so fixated on the Appenzeller side since I had mentioned to her this was the healthy breed with the same coloring, short hair but with a much more athletic personality. Despite being warned by me and others that purebred Appenzellers are energetic working breeds that need a lot of attention (maybe not best for first time dog owner with a lot of other interests), she wanted one. She was 100% certain of it. This was the best type of dog for her, clearly. They wanted a female, but ‘couldn’t wait’ 1 year on a list for one, so got a male (more dominant) that Fall.

She went to a Swiss breeder (a very good one from what I understand) who even tried to talk her out of the breed because she was a first time dog owner (working dog breed, needing lots of exercise and lots of training especially as her line tended to be dominant). But my friend knew, if nothing else, what she wanted at that moment in time, and she manipulated the situation brilliantly and managed to convince the breeder this was the perfect dog breed that she’d been looking for. She paid a good sum of money for this dog IMHO – 800CHF. She didn’t have that kind of money to spend btw … neither she nor her fiancee at the time had high paying jobs, so this was a big outlay of cash for them. She took him to exactly 1 puppy training class in Geneva where she was told he had aggressive tendencies with other dogs (he did) and then never went back because she was ‘too busy’ and because she felt the class was insulting and didn’t understand her breed of dog. Thankfully our adult dogs put him in his place enough times that he did learn some manners around other dog, but he is still often aggressive towards dogs when he first meets them. Also he’s incredibly energetic and always trying to see what he can get away with. He’s also very loving and searches for love constantly.

Then that winter she called me crying that she and her fiancee had split up. I assumed from the way she phrased it and her tears, and her lack of talking to me about any problems between them before that he’d dumped her. Strike two. I found out a week later, that she’d dumped him but had not ever mentioned to me she was having issues or second thoughts about it. Her excuse ? Oh, it was not that she didn’t trust me to confide in me about this, she said – she simply did not want to put me in an awkward position since I also knew her fiancee. This is when I realized she was not very sincere as a friend, and I started to emotionally at least keep myself more distant from her and stopped treating her like a ‘good friend’ that I could confide in, as obviously I was not getting the same back.

Then, she spent the next 6 months couch surfing after the split. She couldn’t seem to get it together to find a place, or to even get organized enough to tell any of us what her budget for renting a place would be in fact so we could help her find a place. A number of friends wanted to help but actually felt frustrated by her lack of responsibility about the whole situation or lack of clear answers for what she wanted in a place to live and what she could afford. Who suffered? The dog.

He became unwelcome in several houses since he often challenged and barked at guests when left alone there by her, as now he was probably feeling pretty insecure being under 1 year old and in constant flux and obviously w/o a clear leader as he was often left with various people. She had of course no time to train him and would not think to bring him back to the Geneva class where she was told he was aggressive (she was insulted by that insinuation). Then she said she was going to re-home  him with the breeder.

This is when her ex stepped in and took him over, saying it was wrong to just abandon him like that. He also got him neutered, which helped his aggressiveness a bit, but didn’t completely solve it. Her ex didn’t really want a dog in the first place, but seemed to at least for the Fall and early winter do a lot with him. But then, as winter wore on, he found a girlfriend and suddenly the dog was not convenient for him anymore either, as his girlfriend didn’t really like them. We took him in at that stage, because he seemed stressed out between working 7 days a week in high season, dealing with the dog and finding time to stay up late shagging – and we liked the dog. I worked with him to try to correct some of his aggression and to try to make him feel more like he had a leader etc.. Then – she took him back after we had him for 3 weeks and were considering keeping him – she came over suddenly one day w/o calling and said she was taking him.

I’d been looking after the dog even after that stage whenever she went out of town or simply couldn’t deal with him for the day (which was often) and I would have kept him myself immediately if for the fact that we already have 2 dogs and he’s not an ‘easy’ dog to keep as a third dog in that yes, he requires constant attention because he’s domineering and always challenging everyone for dominance in the household. Walking the three of them is possible now, and I did it daily for two weeks but it required a lot of attention to watch him or how they all acted together esp. at first – because he will be the first to challenge other dogs we meet or even to bark at people on the path and he would also start challenging my dogs and they’d all end up barking and the walk would become very noisy. He was unsettled, especially when her ex abandoned him. But he was improving a lot by the time she came back to take him.

He’s been emotionally damaged – having been shuffled back and forth through several homes in his 2 years while she split from her fiancee and couldn’t be bothered to find a place to live for a year. He started to act out and get incredibly aggressive with other dogs to the point where I’d have to put a muzzle on him for the first 15 minutes or so of meeting a new dog – he’d growl at them and be aggressive even with the muzzle on, but after being with them for awhile, you could take it off and then he’d play OK – he was therefore really fear-aggressive and insecure, having been shuffled around (every day for about 6 months her ex dropped him at someone else’s house to watch him for the day where sometimes he’d spend the night, sometimes not).

At first I was pleased when she had him back – he did love her a lot and he’d gotten much better when she took him back after this winter and he’d calmed down a lot in the last few months and had become really pleasant and walks with the three of them with her were quite nice at times. In fact, I though things were going really well and she said she loved having  him and would love to keep him permanently if only she could find people to help look after him while she went away several times this summer for various reasons.

So I offered to look after him for much of this time. I started to think she was going to keep him permamently too – she’d found all the things she’d claimed previously had prevented her from permanently keeping him – she found another place to live (with a garden), found more people than only me willing to look after him when she was away etc. all in the past few weeks before her next change of mind.

But then she called May 20th and no, now she announced w/o prior warning that he was leaving on that Friday for another country and did I want to see him again before he goes? I felt a ball in my throat when she said this. We were supposed to look after him for 5 days in May, and then for all July and suddenly I hear I will never see him again, ever and he will not know why at all. CUNT. That is all I can say – FUCKING CUNT.  I asked her why she lied to me about wanting to keep him, and basically hung up on her. My husband called back and explained we’d like to keep him ourselves rather than having him go to strangers – but she refused and would rather ‘stay with what she’d arranged with the breeder’ (not sure if that involved money or simply she didn’t want him around anymore at all to remind her of the guilt). 

I have not spoken to her since, except one time running into her in town where she told me that since giving him away she heard he is ‘doing well’ in his new home in Austria. Well I hope for his sake he is but have no idea if this is just her own wishful thinking again, because she doesn’t really know what his day to day life is like anymore; how could she ?

This all came up the day after the program on the BBC about dog meat farms in Korea was advertised on our cable, which already had me going about dogs. And two days after I read about the earthquake dog cull in China. There are some people there who try to have dogs as pets, but they are constantly being told to kill their pets or having their pets grabbed from them and beaten to death in front of their eyes – therefore beating the humanity out of the humans at the same time, causing more emotional and psychological damage to an already fucked up population. I have read huge numbers of Chinese websites (and seen anti-French protests) where clearly they also believe their own government’s lies about Tibet and call the Dalai Lama a ‘violent’ man. This coming from people who order pets beaten to death at the drop of a hat is well – bullshit. Pure and simple.

I suppose it could be worse for my friend’s dog if he lived in Asia, certainly. But I think she has a parallel type of personality to the Chinese – compartmentalizes her emotions and never forms bonds even when she cares for and loves a creature. 

France is a dog-loving nation for the most part – no place I’ve lived in before is it easier to own a dog than in France if you ask me. Housing easy to find if renting that allows dogs (by comparison to the US), hotels and refuges in the mountains often allow dogs, and you can bring dogs to most restaurants with you in towns all over France). How she can say it was difficult to find a place to live with him is beyond me and is a pallid excuse. And she will never know if his life is better or if these people beat or abuse him instead – she was willing to give up a dog she’s lived with and supposedly loved for 2 years, and give him to total and complete strangers so that she can have a more convenient summer rather than see him go to people she knew would treat him well … because that would likely make her feel more guilty if she still saw him from time to time in town (is my guess).

She has no real excuse for giving him up. She doesn’t have kids and is trying to make it as a single mom (even then I know plenty of single mom’s who have dogs and kids both), she had found a place to live that would accept a dog and was not lacking in friends willing to help her if she has to go out of town, and a job that makes enough money to feed him. She simply finds him ‘inconvenient’ is what it boils down to – and is basically throwing him out – far away so that she will not have to be reminded. But he will be. He will wonder if she is coming back, or not – why she is gone ? Why he is not seeing any of his friends anymore, what did he do wrong ? He will adapt I hope (maybe … he certainly acted out viciously in the past when he was not happy, however) but he will never know why his pack abandoned him and there is no way to tell him that we tried to take him in and wanted him, and that it was not his fault, but hers.

It’s certainly not the first time I’ve been disappointed in her as a human being but now I am making sure that it will be the last, as I do not consider her a friend any longer.

She previously gave him up when she split with her ex and had nowhere to live and thought her ex was looking after him – which I personally would not have done anyhow and that had already caused me to lose respect for her. But I wrongly assumed that she would want him back (emotionally I mean) as soon as she had a place to live again.  

Her ex is also off our friendship list but I don’t blame him as much as the dog was not his idea at all and was thrust upon him by her (this was obvious and known to all from the start). He now admits he did take the dog back in at that time she first wanted to re-home him in effect because he was mad at her for splitting up with him and to spite her because she wanted the dog to start with and claimed she was too busy to look after him. He was trying to ‘show her’ and he said he felt it was morally wrong to give up the dog they’d taken — but then he went back on all that ‘moral’ stuff as soon as he got a new girlfriend (who doesn’t like animals) and the dog became a liability for him as well and he suddenly abandoned the dog at our house, refusing to have anything to do with him because ‘he couldn’t deal with it anymore’, which is the time at which she took the dog back ). He then refused to speak of the dog except as ‘it’ and would not look him in the eye when he came to visit us and we had him – the dog would howl and howl after he’d leave, completely not understanding what he’d done wrong to be abandoned.

So first he was abandoned by her, then him, and now by her again. We’d been the consistent minders for the dog all this time, and I am really upset that he’s gone away to people I’ve never met, and that I’ll never see him again – our dogs were all ‘doggy friends’.

At the time when they split, the dog was less than 1 year old – if then they had re-homed him with the breeder then and there it certainly would not have been as traumatic for the dog as it certainly will be now – he loves her, was bonded to her. She’d taken him running every other day for months before doing this and supposedly ‘loves’ him (what a pile of horse shit – clearly she has no concept of what love is about). So now she claims she is just ‘doing what’s best for him’ — code word – ‘what is easiest for me because I am too selfish to really care about another being’s feelings’. She has equally selfish girl friends (all w/o dogs of course) who encourage this line of thought in her and agree with her. They also don’t have sustained human relationships and are, if possible, even more self-centered than she is about their own lives. So how will the poor dog know the ‘next time’ if someone is or is not sincere in their treatment of him – he may well always be insecure since she was so schizo, acting as if she loved him one second, and abandoning him the next with no warning or seeming real ‘reason’ to her behavior.

There is no way to explain to him that she really won’t be coming back this time that she has left him – that where he is going is where he is staying (maybe?) How will he know and trust ? His life will now always be a ‘maybe’ about whether or not this time that I am left behind, will anyone come back for me? And he won’t know that he will never see his doggie friends or many human friends here anymore . He howled when we looked after him and his ex-master showed up and left w/o so much as looking at him – he howled and howled. If she visited he would jump in her car as if to say ‘take me home now!’ and she would think it was just ‘cute’, rather than me finding it really heart-wrenching and a clear indication that dogs do remember far more than we think or like to conveniently believe for ourselves. Clearly he has deep emotions and she just ignores them so she can be selfish. She says it will be for the best. Only for her will it be best – she doesn’t need or want him as a status symbol anymore as he’s no longer ‘convenient’ and now like yesterday’s garbage, he’s off to Austria and out of sight, out of mind.

Both owners are jerks to do this and it is very revealing of all the other cracks in their personalities that have made them undependable and disloyal friends in general and I have to say this is not the only way she’s been lacking in ‘loyalty’ as I would term it, as a friend. She has this nasty habit of compartmentalizing her friends, of keeping them separated and not even referring to other friends by name when she speaks of them in a conversation. So instead of doing something with ‘John’ it would be ‘one of my friends’ … this starts out as odd sounding at first, and you chalk it up to maybe having just met a person – but then gets really grating when you’ve known someone for a few years and they still pull this shit, let me tell you. When making plans to do something together, the plans were always subject to change, and eventually I got the idea that she plays friends off each other in her own personal little playground, figuring out which option on offer will be best for her to do for that day, and at the last minute, she either is or is not doing something with you, based on what else is on offer from anyone else who is organizing something. So rather than doing something together in part to be doing something with you as a friend, it becomes apparent that all her friendships are designed simply to serve HER — well we are all selfish to a degree — but this particular degree is just too high for me to deal with, as it was not the occaisional change of plan, but a regular occurence and a complete unwillingness on her part to COMMIT to any given thing EVER. Dogs, relationships, friendships – even a fucking rental contract.

Oh and as for the 2 remaining kittens … well she totally abandoned them to his ‘care’ when she left and didn’t give a damned about them thereafter. He kept feeding the 2 now cats, but was mostly at his girlfriend’s place for many months and then decided to move in with her even though he owns the house. So, it was only at my prompting when he was to move out that he gave 1 cat (the one that always seemed to like people and miss him when he was gone) away to a family he knew somewhere in Chamonix (supposedly if I am to believe him), and the other one he says always disappears for weeks at a time only returning every once in awhile, always looking well cared for so he *thinks* someone else has pretty much adopted it, but of course he really has no clue. Fucker. Well he’s moved out now and I live far away from his old house so nothing I can do to try to find the last one, which in any case no longer knows me at all to trust me or come to me. More reason to stop being friends with both of them. I would have rather kept the cats myself rather than have them owned and then ‘lost’ like this …

Humans are self-serving creatures most of the time – selfish to the bitter bitter core. This is why Nazis existed, why the Killing Fields in Cambodia could happen, and is why any ‘ethnic cleansing’ happens. ‘Never again’ say the survivors. I say ‘just wait until next week’.

It’s human nature – humans are far too often being brought up as unevolved shells who are incapable of empathy (ie thinking of others). There are far too many of them on the planet and more and more empty shells, murderous, selfish and cruel arrive daily to continue to use the earth’s resources and breed more of their evil offspring.

This is why I so often have no time for much of humanity. The number of enlightened intelligent and worthwhile humans is a small part of the population and this small part of the population are ignored, laughed at, killed or ostracized when they try to change things for the better.

When any of us try to suggest population control, vegetarianism, to end factory farming, grow organic foods, conserve natural spaces and waterways, to make laws to end global warming at the expense of industry — no — these are all ‘liberal ideology’ – money is king.

Money represents humanity perfectly. Money is our ego and we exchange it. The more money we have the bigger our ego feels – we feed our ego, we gain our money. If something will cause us to lose money (ego) it is ‘bad’. There are so few people with concepts of morality, of kindness, of doing more good than harm as you live your life.

Where the f*ck is Noah and that Flood ? I think it’s high time for another one.

One cool thing happening around here in opposition to the Olympics, is that there is a Tibetan KORA des Jeux Olympiques autour du Mont-Blanc  (a Kora is a Tibetian buddhist religious procession turning around something, in this case Mt Blanc) being held during the whole Olympic games as a protest … the sister of the Dalai Lama is one of the speakers at the event. It follows the Tour du Mont Blanc route, passing through France, Italy and Switzerland with various concerts and debates happening in the towns along the way. Their official blog is here.

Bitterly Environmental

A recent post on a Flickr group called Flickr Central http://flickr.com/groups/central/discuss/72157606094065449/  has sparked a number of anti-recycling replies and lots of self-contratulatory back patting amongst those right-wing anti-environmental head-in-the-sand types who are proud to say they do not recycle.

One person said they don’t recycle anymore ‘because Penn and Teller on their TV show said it was useless’. It made me remember how much I detest Penn and Teller’s show. When I first saw them perform I thought they were so cool. Later I realized they actually had a right-wing agenda couched in trying to be ‘cool’. They are sceptics, which is not a bad thing, but they are right-wing (supposedly ‘libertarian’ but whatever) sceptics who conveniently lie when their ‘scepticism’ is in fact just a window dressing for a political outlook – and that is a bad thing. They leave out hugely important points in their analysis as well, and because they come off as intelligent and because most Americans watching their show are not so smart, it makes ’em seen right a lot of the time.  Sometimes it’s harmless BS and I could not care less, such as the show debunking people who claim to communicate with the dead for money. I imagine that their opinion on this particular issue will have little effect on the overall industry of psychics.

But with Recycling – here they are encouraging people to continue to sit on their asses and ‘do nothing’ which will only damage to the environment. To suggest that recycling is a ‘bad thing’ or a ‘wasteful and stupid’ thing to do is simply an irresponsible lie (oh and don’t get me started on their dumb ass program on how second hand smoke is not harmful … probably sponsored by the tobacco industry).  This is where I get pissed off.

First of all, Penn and Teller are clever and distort facts. They try to make it sound ‘uncool’ to recycle – but who actually loses out if you dare to recycle ? Oh yeah, maybe some big strip mining interests somewhere … but not me, and not the average person. Even if I waste a few minutes a day paying attention (and it becomes a habit after a few months believe me) and even if only a fraction of what I put into the recycling bin is recycled … that is still more waste material than would be recycled and would benefit the planet than if everyone STOPPED doing it. And, more than a ‘fraction’ of what you put into the bin IS indeed recycled. But they argue there is no benefit to recycling. Of course their arguement is a fallacy – it is purely based on MONEY which is of course not the only thing in the world to consider when judging the benefit of a given practice! Oh, wait, unless you are a right-wing capitalist. Maybe then it make sense. But naw … not if you have children and actually care about the world they will inherit. What are these guys thinking ??? I bet they are thinking … hey we’ll say a lot of controversial crap on our show and make tons of money! Probably that’s the ticket. That and their strip mining industry friends … Continue reading