Bitter Discourse

My step Grandmother died last week. She was part of the east-coast liberal intelligentsia ultra rich crowd (husband, deceased, was a university professor and Nobel Prize winner). Her dying words were ‘Obama, Obama’. I hope she was seeing a vision of the future election winner.

I think after the debates last week, it’s pretty obvious that McCain is not going to change a thing. Or we can say that if he dies and Sarah Palin gets into power he’ll change things but only for the worse. That woman is a scarey bitch, playing games with her bullshit hockey mommy facade over a disgustingly cruel inner character who blames victims and represses individual freedoms. I also hate anyone who supports arial gunning of wolves, and who thinks hunting is something that one could practice as a ‘sport’.  We can hope (bitterly though ’cause I never trust a politician no matter how cool they try to make themselves sound) that in this case Obama would change something.

My take on politicians is that they are all quite selfish and ego-driven beings – no one would dare run for president given what it takes to get there these days, were they not. But in general it seems that the way Democrats try to stay in power is by gathering up a large pack of commoners around them,a along with a few key wealthy do-gooders in order to get themselves into power, and then once there they of course must also work with the ultra rich and to benefit them (or they lose continued support and funding in congress), and they of course take every advantage to make themselves and their buddies rich but they mitigate this by throwing some bones to the middle class pack every once in awhile and thus generally keep the lives of more people in the US happier, and their larger power base satisfied. Whilst Republicans simply keep the giant pack at bay for years using lies and fear mongering tactics to manipulate the middle class and lower classes, growing richer and more powerful only in their tight inner circle of super rich supporters and destroying the rest of the country or whatever else stands in their way (until it gets so bad that once more they are tossed into the street by voters, or if it gets bad enough one could always hope for a real revolution again).

I don’t think any national level politician is free from greed or is truly there for the ‘common good’, but I think liberal democrats at least feel guilty about fucking people over and do a few good things here and there, which is why I prefer them to Republicans. Ideally I’d prefer socialism but whatever. I can’t imagine Americans going for that as they are so utterly brainwashed by a poor education system and Fox news (Faux News) propaganda that the very word sends them into purple-faced spittle-filled rants.

Anyhoo … I don’t donate money to politicians in general but today I donated money to Obama. I hope he makes it …


Bitterly Environmental

A recent post on a Flickr group called Flickr Central  has sparked a number of anti-recycling replies and lots of self-contratulatory back patting amongst those right-wing anti-environmental head-in-the-sand types who are proud to say they do not recycle.

One person said they don’t recycle anymore ‘because Penn and Teller on their TV show said it was useless’. It made me remember how much I detest Penn and Teller’s show. When I first saw them perform I thought they were so cool. Later I realized they actually had a right-wing agenda couched in trying to be ‘cool’. They are sceptics, which is not a bad thing, but they are right-wing (supposedly ‘libertarian’ but whatever) sceptics who conveniently lie when their ‘scepticism’ is in fact just a window dressing for a political outlook – and that is a bad thing. They leave out hugely important points in their analysis as well, and because they come off as intelligent and because most Americans watching their show are not so smart, it makes ’em seen right a lot of the time.  Sometimes it’s harmless BS and I could not care less, such as the show debunking people who claim to communicate with the dead for money. I imagine that their opinion on this particular issue will have little effect on the overall industry of psychics.

But with Recycling – here they are encouraging people to continue to sit on their asses and ‘do nothing’ which will only damage to the environment. To suggest that recycling is a ‘bad thing’ or a ‘wasteful and stupid’ thing to do is simply an irresponsible lie (oh and don’t get me started on their dumb ass program on how second hand smoke is not harmful … probably sponsored by the tobacco industry).  This is where I get pissed off.

First of all, Penn and Teller are clever and distort facts. They try to make it sound ‘uncool’ to recycle – but who actually loses out if you dare to recycle ? Oh yeah, maybe some big strip mining interests somewhere … but not me, and not the average person. Even if I waste a few minutes a day paying attention (and it becomes a habit after a few months believe me) and even if only a fraction of what I put into the recycling bin is recycled … that is still more waste material than would be recycled and would benefit the planet than if everyone STOPPED doing it. And, more than a ‘fraction’ of what you put into the bin IS indeed recycled. But they argue there is no benefit to recycling. Of course their arguement is a fallacy – it is purely based on MONEY which is of course not the only thing in the world to consider when judging the benefit of a given practice! Oh, wait, unless you are a right-wing capitalist. Maybe then it make sense. But naw … not if you have children and actually care about the world they will inherit. What are these guys thinking ??? I bet they are thinking … hey we’ll say a lot of controversial crap on our show and make tons of money! Probably that’s the ticket. That and their strip mining industry friends … Continue reading

Holla Back NYC

Just came across this great website – go girls ! Exposing perverts in NYC using their mobile phones and the powah of the internet 😉

Sometimes living in a small alpine ski town I forget what it’s like to be a chickaroo living in the big cities … but I did live in NYC and Chicago for nearly 20 years and all it took was a few of the stories here to bring it all flooding back to me . . .

Now my main annoyance is the mild sexism we find in Alpine France – guys who won’t let you change the windshield wipers on your car (I bought them and didn’t have time to wait at the garage for them to change them, and they would only let me leave with my purchase after I assured the guy selling me the wipers that my ‘husband’ would change them for me later), change tires by yourself (a flat tire in Provence on a small side road with me and a girlfriend changing the tire brought a quick stop from 2 guys who took over and changed it for us, overtightening the bolts pretty amazingly but all in all, at least they got their hands dirty instead of me) or measure the air pressure on my tires (yeah, I had a guy stop and get out of his car to take this job over for me too). 

Hardly a big deal since they genearlly seem to have no problem letting me take the lead on rock climbs …

Bitter Rape Paid for by Your Taxes, Americans . . .

Your tax dollars at work (if you are an American) raping for the corporate gains of Halliburton (and probably many congressmen), the sick fucks. 

It is amazing to me that there has not yet been a law to change this, and yet – we sit here today with this woman who was raped in Iraq by her co-workers, unable to have her day in court for what was done to her and to get these animals locked up. So extensive were her injuries that she has had to have reconstructive surgery (her pectoral muscles were torn, breast implants torn, and she was anally and vaginally raped). The below is a summary of Jamie’s story quoted from the Move On website:

Jamie Leigh Jones was working in Iraq for a subsidiary of Halliburton when she was drugged and brutally gang-raped by several co-workers.

For the last two years, she’s been asking the US government to hold the perpetrators accountable, but the men who raped her may never be brought to justice because Halliburton and other contractors in Iraq aren’t subject to US or Iraqi laws.

Move On is calling on Congress to investigate Jamie’s case, hold those involved accountable, and bring US contractors under the jurisdiction of US law so this can’t happen again.

A compiled petition with your individual comment will be presented to your Senators and Representative.

Sign the petition here to help change this law: .

If you have had a similar experience or have further information relating to sexual abuse by government contractors while in Iraq or other countries, contact Jamie’s Foundation at this website :

When it comes right down to it, these kind of men do not care at all about women of any kind – they learn to think of them as ‘other’ when they are dark skinned Iraqi’s and continue to think of them that way, even when they are their own co-workers (and in this case blonde and very attractive which is unfortunately probably the ONLY reason her case has been seeing the light of day and on the other hand, kudos to her for having the courage to get up in front of the world to talk about this).

 If these sick men do this to their own US co-workers, you can certainly more than imagine that everything you have heard (and worse) that our contractors are accused of doing to Iraqi citizens is also true. Why should we as tax payers be paying Halliburton and sub-contractors to rape, murder and pillage in Iraq in our name and WITH COMPLETE PROTECTION FROM ANY AND ALL CRIMINAL ACCOUNTABILITY? She has now started a civil suit against Halliburton, KBR, rapist Charles Boartz and several other (as yet unnamed) men as that is her only option.

It is entirely disgusting. The heads of these companies should be taken to court for encouragement to rape (it is clear this rape-culture was in fact the corporate culture of KBR, and was entirely overlooked if not even condoned by those in management according to various internal memos that have been put into public circulation since this case came to light).

Let us just be clear about something else. I do not consider the Iraq war ‘just’ or ‘correct’ nor do I think there is a damned thing heroic about any employee of Halliburton or KBR going over there to work as a paid mercenary (earning a fortune and operating outside of Iraqi or US law) to do our government’s dirty work and make more money for the Cheney clan. (I have seen some refer to Jamie Lee as a ‘hero’ for going there which I find very distasteful) – however, I do consider our troops who signed up for the military or their local National Guard long before Iraq was an issue, and who were posted there as the true war heros – many of them going there and doing their duty sworn knowing in their hearts this is a useless stupid and utterly pointless war (unless you have stock in companies like Halliburton of course).

I think they just picked the wrong girl to gang rape – she is married to a military man and has a daddy with a Republican friend in congress, she is blonde and attractive and educated – so that people will listen to her – she waited for someone to do the right thing, and was ignored. Now she has had the courage to go public and do it with grace and composure and that is the only reason why now some of these stories of horror are now starting to come out. Who knows how many more attrocities were committed against Iraqi women and men alike by Halliburton, KBR or Blackwater contractors — and we will never hear about those, because they don’t have a daddy in Texas with a congressman to call and a US TV media eager to film their photogenic face talking about this crime.

My negative opinions about Iraq and the US contractors there does not mean I don’t want justice for Jamie Lee Jones – I most certainly do and I want our laws changed so that contractors are subject to criminal prosecution. But I also want all these paid mercenaries out of there; I want Halliburton and all no-bid contractors out of there . And I would love to see Bush, Cheney, Condoleeza et al brought up on charges of crimes against humanity as well as high treason against the US government for what they have done in leading this country into war on a lie, and in how it has been conducted as a business venture for their personal profits and against our national interests ever since.

Take Back Journalism Americans . . .

Watch this, and do something about it:

I dare you to. This video is a great proof of the way that propaganda similar to the Soviet Union’s darkest days is really all you get to see in US TV “news” shows anymore. It has great shots and interviews with real reporters and editors who worked on FOX news, showing the actual memos coming from the top telling them what to emphasis and report on that day, and how journalism has been destroyed. You can just give thanks to the Corporate States of America and the monopoly on the media by one man, the lapdog suck up of the right-wing – Mr Rupert Murdoch. . . . .

Go out and do something before the Bush administration takes the last of your rights away to be able to actually do something about it.

Here is another good site that emphasises how FOX News uses sex to sell stories — thus they will go against the supposed ‘family values’ of the fake planks of the Republican party in order to entice viewers to stick around and listen to the other lies they put forth on topics like Iraq, Afghanistan, Bush, 9/11 and the rest.

This one has a petition to sign to ask the FCC to stop putting your tax dollars towards the FOX smut-o-rama used to sell it’s right wing agenda. If you have ‘a la carte’ cable, be sure to insist that FOX is not one of the stations you are paying for.

I always knew FOX was bad when I lived in the US, but I moved in 2001 and it’s definitely worse than ever – I can’t even stand to listen to it for 5 minutes when I am back on the states. It’s great to see the proof and statistics all in place, showing clearly how this station operates, and see the biased political memos which drive it’s daily stories.