Bitter Pill

My conservative “friends” on FB crack me the shit up. They really do. They are all freaking out over Obamacare.

I don’t like it either but not for the same reasons they do. I don’t like it because it is a giant gift-wrapped package to the insurance industry and keeps the for-profit health care model alive.

What I think would be better is to slash and burn the entire insurance industry. Go to single payer. No more “in plan” or “out of plan” doctors. This is how France does it. Oh and in France, the doctor reimbursement is paid for by the government at a MUCH lower wage than in the USA. That is a good thing.

Doctors should earn more than most jobs as it is life saving and important, but not insane amounts. In France doctors can choose to go “on their own” but then risk losing business as the vast majority of French go to doctors who are in the system. It costs €26 to see a doctor in France without any health insurance. With insurance it is €6,50 a visit. A kidney transplant costs around €25 to the patient who is covered. I only knew of a handful of doctors who were not “conventionée” (on the government plan) and they were all homeopaths. They would charge something like €50 a visit. They had to compete.

Now in the USA you could get doctors to accept this (new ones) if you said something like “we will pay for your education if you agree to stay in the system for 10 years” …


The other thing about single payer and lower doctor salaries is that you get people who care about people becoming doctors. I have had such GOOD doctors in France compared to my HMO experiences in the USA. The USA where people sometimes become doctors for the money, not primarily because they want to help people …

And the other thing about single payer is that governments like France, Sweden, Japan etc. can and do force drug companies to keep prices low since THEY are the purchaser of all those drugs.

Now many states have mandatory car insurance. If you have a mortgage you must get home-owners insurance. If you pay taxes you get police and fire department coverage. All of these are ways to spread the risk out over the whole population or more of the population to keep costs down.

Why should health insurance be any different ? Why is punishing companies who do not provide this benefit to their employees (thereby forcing the state to pick up the tab if they end up in the hospital like so many Walmart employees) by taxing them for that privilege a bad thing. Why is ending lifetime caps a bad thing ? Why is allowing kids to stay on parents insurance until 26 (given spiralling student loan costs now entirely realistic for most kids) a bad thing. Why is ending the ability of insurance companies to deny coverage to people who are already sick (and thus need help the most) a bad thing ?

Societies are formed so that people can live their civilized lives in peace – healthcare is part of that just like living crime free and without worry of fire consuming the city. It is a public service, and should not be the method for someone to become über wealthy ! Health care should be a right, not a profiteers wet-dream …

I don’t like Obama, I must admit. He is far too conservative, wishy washy and war mongering for my tastes. The health care bill is only a baby step and allows insurance companies to grow more powerful rather than less. But … it is better than what y’all had before.

Eh, it will probably get gutted before it goes into effect anyhow. Americans are so ignorant now  – it is stunning to see the change in the USA since I moved away 11 years ago. Each time I go back the disease grows, the population is more rancorous and incapable of debate than ever before, the values of money over people are more and more obvious and are rotting out the insides of the country. All these idiots who believe in a “free market” and corporations “self-regulating” are living in a dream world akin to those who believed that communism would come naturally and capitalism would “fade away” … that is a better dream than raw capitalism but an unrealistic dream nonetheless.

Oh and don’t get me started on the health gap. Just like there is an income gap, there is a health gap. People seem to be either utterly health concious or totally let themselves go into piggy-dom … but that is another post awaiting.


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