Holla Back NYC

Just came across this great website – go girls ! Exposing perverts in NYC using their mobile phones and the powah of the internet 😉


Sometimes living in a small alpine ski town I forget what it’s like to be a chickaroo living in the big cities … but I did live in NYC and Chicago for nearly 20 years and all it took was a few of the stories here to bring it all flooding back to me . . .

Now my main annoyance is the mild sexism we find in Alpine France – guys who won’t let you change the windshield wipers on your car (I bought them and didn’t have time to wait at the garage for them to change them, and they would only let me leave with my purchase after I assured the guy selling me the wipers that my ‘husband’ would change them for me later), change tires by yourself (a flat tire in Provence on a small side road with me and a girlfriend changing the tire brought a quick stop from 2 guys who took over and changed it for us, overtightening the bolts pretty amazingly but all in all, at least they got their hands dirty instead of me) or measure the air pressure on my tires (yeah, I had a guy stop and get out of his car to take this job over for me too). 

Hardly a big deal since they genearlly seem to have no problem letting me take the lead on rock climbs …



  1. I did check a few of them out – NYC and Chicago are the ones I linked to because I used to live there … anyone who clicks through to those certainly might find another Holla Back in their own town or region.

    I am disappointed the Chicago one doesn’t allow comments, because there was a post there that I wanted to respond to – a girl who keeps feeling the need to tell the men harassing her that she is a lesbian . . . as if someone who is a straight girl would be *interested* in what these creeps have to say and as if it would make a difference to whether or not some *sshole thinks he should comment on her body or not?

    I think she misses the point – it’s a self-defeating reaction that is just anti-woman to start with (thinking that straight women would like what the guy had to say any better than she does) and also increases your chances to be gay-bashed on top of it. I’ve been out with girlfriends in Chicago and gotten harassed both for being a lesbian and for being a woman … neither one is preferable to the other!


  2. Hi – I wrote my master’s thesis on street harassment last year. Part of my research recently got recognized in a CNN article and as a result of the comments and blog entries that it spurred, I created my own anti-street harassment website about 2 weeks ago. It’s still a work in progress, but there are a lot of resources, interviews with anti-street harassment activists, some “soundbytes” from my research, and a companion blog where people can share their stories. I’m just now trying to get the word out and a google search led me to this entry on your blog, so I’m sharing! http://www.stopstreetharassment.com/


  3. Thanks for killing chivalry…….But, I totally understand your feeling.

    Now will you please unclog my toilet?


  4. I am sure that he’s being sexist saying that if I don’t like being helped by men when I am doing things for myself on my own car, then somehow this means I am being ‘macho’, which is out of character for my gender, therefore this means I should be willing to go and unclog the toilet at his house for some reason – but yeah, not exactly brilliant logical reasoning, is it? Then again, what do expect from a brainless misogynistic homophobe – did you see all the other comments dunkadyke left 😉 ? I allowed them to be posted just to show how illogical and desparate his thoughts were (well I assume it’s a ‘he’ but could be a right-wing ‘she’ I suppose).


  5. One thing that I love to do is showcase them in one post and just make fun of them. Makes me feel better all the time, and if you do it right, you’ll get people laughing at dunkadyke, which is all so satisfying.


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