Bitter Worker

Do North American managers attend a special school to become so stupid and unrealistic and lose all technical intelligence ? I think they do. Formerly intelligent, technical, nice and reasonable people you once worked with, if they become managers, will suddenly play games, look out for their own skins and do anything but the point of the job or business, to keep their noses firmly up the arse of the manager ahead of them. They will ignore logic, reason and anything to do with a technical project and make decisions solely based upon them looking good at the end, regardless of the impact on the project at hand.

I have been offered management roles and always without hesitation have turned them down – I prefer to stay technical, intelligent and relevant (and reasonable and human). Every time I encounter another shape-shifting new manager, this re-affirms my past decisions. People become so very weak morally and spiritually when motivated purely by money and political gain. They become disconnected and out of touch with the reality of the workplace all too quickly. Then they might get laid off, made redundant or fired eventually when they become so irrelvant and politically motivated that if a change at the top comes in (corporate takeover, big shake-up), they become a danger to the new upper management – sadly even when the idiots are gone, they always seem to then land another management position elsewhere so that they can then go and screw up another company … and the person that replaces them is only good for about 3 months before they start down the path of equivalent idiocy.


4 thoughts on “Bitter Worker

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  2. I totally disagree…….Until you stand in a managers shoes…..Who are you to know what goes on and what motivations causes them to act the way that they do. Once again, it’s very easy to stand back and criticize your boss, society, the world…..Are you ever happy? Probably not……..I’m guessing youre most happy in your coccoon when youre ridiculing and criticizing someone else. It’s called a mirror, look into it and pray it doesn’t crack. And you’ll see the hideous person you’ve become…..inside and out. You want acceptance…….Well, it’s give and take.

  3. I know the motivation – it’s called ‘I better do this or I will lose my job/money’ – it always boils down to money. I find no excuse for this type of bullshit behavior.

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