Climbr and Sexr Bitters

So lately I’ve been feeling incredibly over sexed and also physically stronger. Not sure if this is from losing weight or just from having more positive attention paid to me by a few people, or maybe losing weight has made me more confident, and has lead to all these things (booty call cyber sex, booty call sms texts last night and massive flirting as well as recently some great smiles and sexy looks from some very cute men I saw in Courmayeur). Weight continues to drop (I must confess I was not ‘obese’ – at worst I had a BMI considered just at the edge of overweight but to me that is huge – and now have dropped 7kg in the past 2 months and am well inside what is considered ‘normal weight’ BMI. But I know for myself as an athlete, I always feel best and have had strongest strength to weight ratio at about 7-8 kg less than my current weight – if I can manage to get back down to that at my ripe old age, let’s see),. However, no actual sex has even so much as brushed my hips … so its rather frustrating in the end, even if it is exciting and distracting and ego-boosting. But, I think 3 pluses outweigh the one minus, and I am going to keep this flirting thing up. Would love to find some chicks to flirt with as well though they seem rather scarce in these here parts (or hide it well) – that was my last totally hot make-out session that I never followed up on, actually. Several years back at New Years with a lovely lovely girl. However, I did see two really hot chicks making out at the Chamonix Clubhouse two weekends ago. But alas, they are not locals. Naida my dear, if you are reading this – you are definitely one sexy chicky.

Anyhow, back to important stuff. Climbing is coming along now that I am going regularly again and each time I go I feel like I am making progress to get back to the level I left off at when I quit (not willingly) around 2003 by losing my climbing (and sex) partner to long term life-threatening illness and getting rather depressed about the whole situation. Finally I am starting to climb 6a+ on lead (at least for the first hour of the session) but still have falls 😉 . Want to get back to the 6b/c range where I was in 2003 and back to the days when 6a+ was a cake walk and I could climb ’em all day long. We’ll see if I can get there by spring.

I always think the charts that say that 6a+ is 5.10a or b in the US, and that 6b is 5.10c and that 6c is 5.11 in the US are totally full of shite, btw. I climbed (with rests, or falls on lead but made it up) some 6c routes the third year I was here. They did not feel to me to be any harder than the 5.10 routes I ever did in gyms in the midwest, and there is just no way that 6a+ is 5.10a. Either the midwest US is sandbag hell or the French comparison is off. But then again, I climbed in the USA west too in a few areas too – and I still have to wonder about this scale. The MEC site makes it look even better (I mean in my French ratings favor) . Dunno. I suppose it’s possible I got better, but it just seems to not translate when I go back to the US. Guess it depends on where you climb.

And I’ve signed up for the race in Val Ferret. 20km in the snow. I tried it today in knee deep fresh powder, running on the trail near my house in Yaktrax and RaidLight mini gaiters and it worked great – feet didn’t get cold or wet, and no problems slipping on the bits that had been plowed & gotten icey along the roads on the way to the trail. But it was very hard work – like going uphill in some ways and definitely will build up stronger legs for ski touring later. Actually was very happy to find a use for the RaidLight gaiters, as I’d bought them originally to use in the Ultra Trail CCC race, and quickly decided they were stupidly warm and not very breathable for a summer race (I found some great Quechua summer trail shoe gaiters made of mesh and their job is to keep out stones and sticks on trail). I didn’t think I’d ever see or be in a winter snow foot race.

It has snowed about 60cm or more here in the past few days. The ski de fond piste we will run on should be nicely packed down by then – forecast is for cold clear weather for the next 4 days. And that also means its time to haul the skis out again and start trying to figure out powder or get myself off piste again. I’ve been a few times already actually, but only on those start of winter icey pistes. I love skiing hors piste, but still find myself floundering all too often in powder. Off piste in crud, fine – chopped up shit, fine, even now fine in crusty crap. But can’t figure out for the life of me how to relax in powder. Probably the issue is we just don’t get enough of it in this valley. Unless you ski in the snow storm, it’s skied out by the next day. Am hoping the addition of Courmayeur to the ski Chamonix Unlimited pass this year will lead to more discoveries out that way. And also am hoping to be able to do more ski tours this year. Hope hope hope springs eternal.



  1. Hmm. Well I guess English spelling and keyboard use are not your strong points, and I am also not sure what pictures you’ve been looking at hon, but this site and certainly this blog entry has none. At least you are not linking to spam in your comment, so I leave it here as an example of ‘whatever’.


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