Fuzzy Navel

The GVA Escalade race is full – was full weeks ago. Bugger. Guess it’s because of their 30th anniversary or something. Will have to either say ‘that’s a wrap’ on this season of find some more obscure race down the valley for December. The Les Houches running club winds up Dec 15 until next Spring, but the CMBM running group will keep going all winter, if I want to go there rather than ski. Weather will decide that one I think.

Went up the GM last weekend for my first day of skiing this season, as they opened two lifts last Saturday, weekends only. Fronts of my shins were sore afterwards . . . getting used to ski boots again. Will go again this weekend as long as impending snowstorm doesn’t shut the hill. I am regretting having sold my ski rando set up last Fall as now I will have to wait at least several more weeks for the new stuff to arrive (new Dynastar 8000s with Naxo bindings at cost which you can’t spit at) because I did not expect the early snow to be so good — everyone is out touring already up the Le Tour piste to the Possettes or up the Pierre a Ric to the top of the Grandes Montets to find stashes of fresh stuff (they didn’t even open the Bochard, much less the top station so those who take the time to walk up there are apparently being well rewarded w/powder).

Either that or it’s down to the Annecy Marché de Noël if the town shuts , which will be a nice alternative. The crap they sell at these things is usually quite twee but there are sometimes interesting inexpensive gifts you can find for people that you really just don’t know what to get, yet still want to give something to them. And of course the spicey fruity vin chaud is irrelevant to wanting to go to these things.

Alternately … it appears the top of Courmayeur will open on Saturday and they didn’t get the foehn wind that we did, so that could be even more promising conditions as their weather doesn’t show it getting cloudy on Saturday until the afternoon.

And I just found out there is a 20km trail running race called the Winter Eco Trail where you run on a snow track in Val Ferret on Dec 15. Hmmmm. Maybe … but have not trained at that distance in a couple of months.


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