Take Back Journalism Americans . . .

Watch this, and do something about it:

I dare you to. This video is a great proof of the way that propaganda similar to the Soviet Union’s darkest days is really all you get to see in US TV “news” shows anymore. It has great shots and interviews with real reporters and editors who worked on FOX news, showing the actual memos coming from the top telling them what to emphasis and report on that day, and how journalism has been destroyed. You can just give thanks to the Corporate States of America and the monopoly on the media by one man, the lapdog suck up of the right-wing – Mr Rupert Murdoch. . . . .

Go out and do something before the Bush administration takes the last of your rights away to be able to actually do something about it.

Here is another good site that emphasises how FOX News uses sex to sell stories — thus they will go against the supposed ‘family values’ of the fake planks of the Republican party in order to entice viewers to stick around and listen to the other lies they put forth on topics like Iraq, Afghanistan, Bush, 9/11 and the rest.

This one has a petition to sign to ask the FCC to stop putting your tax dollars towards the FOX smut-o-rama used to sell it’s right wing agenda. If you have ‘a la carte’ cable, be sure to insist that FOX is not one of the stations you are paying for.


I always knew FOX was bad when I lived in the US, but I moved in 2001 and it’s definitely worse than ever – I can’t even stand to listen to it for 5 minutes when I am back on the states. It’s great to see the proof and statistics all in place, showing clearly how this station operates, and see the biased political memos which drive it’s daily stories.


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