Wordies wordeez werdys

Bad spellers of the world, untie and welcome to my blog!

Peruse this blog and occaisionally you will find references to sex, plus lots of personal whining and radical wing politics that should be good for your soul. As you can see, I now feed a wide range of literary desires . . .

I always get a kick out of viewing my bitter blog’s stats and seeing the search terms that people use to find it. Most of them (99%?) are sex related searches and so I have not put those most commonly used sex terms here … I’d say about 95% of people who search for sex are using one rather bland phrase of ‘hot sex’. A lot of them are also misspelled searches (hot to make a climbing rope?). And I am now getting hundreds of hits a day on my red herring post about hot sex making you fat. This pleases me to no end, because it does indeed seem that they go on to read other entries in the blog.

I guess like many people who think all they want is sex, empty sex in and of itself is just not enough. It’s much more fun to feel wanted and desired. Barring that – it’s more fun to read someone who is intelligent whining on about sex and throwing in a random clit reference here or there for good measure. Then hitting you with the global warming and overpopulation spiel once they’ve softend you up via elevating your libido.

This week’s search term highlights include:

  • tattoo made me depressed
  • rock fall deaths
  • sex pad
  • 5 suck
  • cmbm chamonix
  • hot chicks naked porn
  • fat naked
  • hot blo
  • but sex
  • girl that are real hot and naked
  • finger fucking
  • chinese chew toys
  • animal sex blogs
  • ccc ultramarathon
  • sex à Martigny
  • Bitter Melon sex toy
  • good points about factory farming
  • alternet sex
  • mountain climbing deaths pictures
  • clit nation
  • marco olmo vegan
  • hot to make a climbing rope
  • naked fat men
  • hiking the bitter route mountains
  • epo te quiero lyrics
  • clit bars
  • effect of premarital sex
  • flickr asses
  • epic sex
  • mountain climbing wordpress
  • hot babe race
  • chinese companies who want to export in
  • girl but hot and naked
  • puriel
  • stuff my clit pics
  • remote viewing missing persons madeleine
  • mont blanc dead 2007
  • feeding a dog chicken carcass
  • best kibble all natural all protien
  • vegetables that are gmo
  • sex toy bike
  • marathoner hot

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