Hmmm it worked

OK there is definitely something to this. Two weeks without carbs, but eating plenty of food. Even cheated slightly having heavy flat whole rye bread and butter twice with the soft boiled eggs. Weight loss after less than 2 weeks = 2.5 kilos. Exercise = same or slightly less (as it snowed so less running), calories = same (ish??) because I’d say I upped the oil/protein amounts to make up for lack of carbs. Snacks were fromage blanc, cheese. Ate large servings. Probably had too much cheese in fact. Ate loads of nuts (raw organic almonds, organic sunflower seeds) as snacks as well (supposedly high calorie no-no). In fact, after eating cheese for a week of this experiment I realized it was supposed to be off the ticker for the first two weeks due to lactose (milk sugar) – oops. And I could not tell in France which cheeses were considered ‘low fat’ but I do go for raw milk cheeses, which I think are better for you irrelevant of the fat content because the milk is not pasturized so still has some nutritional value. But in any case, I did lose weight. I felt better. Metabolism seems to have kicked in. Digestion works. So either we are allergic to wheat (have heard this can cause weight gain in and of itself) or there is something to this ‘pre diabetes’ metabolic syndrome theory …

Compare this to spending the past 2 years running like a demon and not losing an ounce (except I did lose and quickly re-gain 1 kilo after last year’s CCC race, but not after this year’s).

Now to see if the modified ‘add back in some carbs’ will cause weight re-gain or not . . . experiment in carbo limitation’s effect on weight loss continues starting this week after my one week break for Thanksgiving / travel.


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