Strange last month. I was contacted by no less than 4 old ex-s that I had not heard from in very many years (10, 15 etc.). Not through this blog of course — but through my other non-bitter blog/home page I imagine, or maybe via LinkedIn or one of those other infernal social networking sites that I have joined, and now feel compelled to update my status on every so often.

I suppose I like Facebook the best, but it worries me the most in many ways, though on that one I’ve made myself more or less invisible to searches actually. Recently read they are advertising anything you buy via Facebook to all your friends if you are not careful (I have no desire to use Facebook to purchase anything and even less now). And it’s too likely to be sold up the river, IMHO, and then you will feel the same loss felt as when Flickr was sold to Yahoo, and it changed from a friendly photographer’s forum to one with censorship of images if you live in certain countries, and way too many people who are just into ‘backslapping’ each other or gathering ‘badge’ style comments that to me are far more meaningless than I could imagine. Or maybe it won’t be sold and will just become another tool in the Corporate States of America to market to you by using all the personal data and quizzes you answer about your preferences, music, film, fashion taste to wring more hard earned cash out of your pocket.

At any rate, most of the exs sent a very short or could say ‘tentative’ hello note, then I replied back with some friendly info on what my life is like now – then either I got nothing or very meaningless short notes back. I don’t really get it? Why bother to recontact someone after 20 years if you are not going to actually then go ahead and share any info back? Really odd. Maybe it was upsetting to them that I was not some poverty stricken wretch in Chicago still scraping by and now have money and a real life that (aside from bitter days) I generally enjoy and that I am living in another country and in fact in a gorgeous mountain town that most people only dream of being able to live in ?

What was up with all things karmic or cosmic that I got 4 people re-contacting me w/in the same week – what kind of synchronicity was going on – were the stars in the right conjunction with Venus or what? It was very strange to have this influx of contacts after all the years of having lost touch, and then I guess a bit deflating to just have it end up like a ‘drive by’ e-mail shooting instead. Buggers.

Oh – and one of the boys I did not lose touch with did compliment me on several long ago experiences we had together . . . which I forgot certain details about and he reminded me of as being rather memorable for him. Quite sweet and rather sexy to re-remember it after 12 or so years  (and to know someone else was not the only one capable of these types of memories) … because of course I have my own memories of things we did which he may also have forgotten in detail but which stick out in my mind as quite memorable in a very very pleasant way . . . 😉


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