Racer X

Well, I did 5.035 km in 25:18 – not what I’d hoped for, but OK. Was hoping for more like 23 min. Oh well. I’d been doing 4:45 timed kms earlier in the season, but then didn’t run much for 3 weeks due to injury, and only started running again this week. Today did the timed race in Switzerland. Was really cold. Snowing still in Cham, raining down in Swiss. So that’s 8 minute miles basically on the nose or 5 min kms. At my age, maybe not terrible  but I would prefer to get down around 7 minute miles for these shorter distances – I think if I can train for that as a speed goal, then my overall time in ultra marathons will also drop. This race was very fast and totally flat in the downtown area, 5 times around the course – seemed to be mostly younger kids or people in running clubs doing it with a smattering of international runners. Winning times have been 16 mins in the past (not sure what it was this year as the times are not yet posted), few people in the race and people in around 25 minutes are in the lower 1/4 of the finishers . . . stiff competition!

Now am thinking of doing an 18km run in GVA Dec 1 strangely called the Escalade, to stay motivated before winter season and skiing truly hits. It’s on a Saturday … could maybe get in some Xmas shopping after 😉


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