Navel Gazing

Experimental mood strikes. Boy is gone for about a month now – a welcome break actually, sad to say. And I’ve decided to see if I can radically change my diet to see what effect it will have. Supposedly there is a lot of information out there now about middle-aged ‘pre-diabetes’ condition or ‘syndrome x’ or whatever else they want to call it, where due to all the processed foods we consume now, which break down into sugars so quickly, by the time you reach middle age you end up with an over-abundance of insulin being rammed into your system each day, and the side effect as you gain weight from all the emtpy calories is to store the starches as fats, mainly around your middle. Well, let’s see. It’s always easier to cut out things from your diet when no one else is around to keep buying them and tempting you with them, so I am trying this out for a couple weeks to see if it has any positive affect on my health.

I can’t say I ate unhealthily before – usually go for whole wheat pasta, whole grain breads. But probably since moving to France my diet does include a lot more white bread than before (I’d actually banned it from my house in the US) and probably more in the first few years I lived here than the past 2. Why?  1. the French love it and so it’s served everywhere 2. the flour they use makes it taste great (so much better than US fake ‘french bread’ or any croissant I could find in the US 3. 99.9% of the time if you go out to eat, get a sandwich etc. there is no choice of bread as in the US – you get what you get, and normally it’s white. Also I will admit that when I cook Thai food or Indian food at home, I tend to eat white basmati rice with it. Then recently I read that white rice was not normal in Asia until the advent of industry, and brown rice used to be used in meals. I tried brown rice with coconut curry and it did indeed seem fine – as long as you cook the rice very well.

So for a couple of weeks, I am consuming no feculants – no rice, wheat, oats, barley, quinoa, rye, potatos, no fruits or simple sugars, and then after that I will add back in only the ‘good’ ones, not processed, whole grains. Assuming of course, it has some positive effect . . .

This week – since recovering from my injury is the first week I’ve felt I could run w/o too much pain – ran 45 minutes on  Monday, dog walk 1 hour on Tuesday , ran for 1:45 on Wednesday (1/2 hour of this straight uphill almost to the petit balcon sud … didn’t quite make it before I had to break to a walk on a steep section), dog walk 1 1/2 hours Thursday, climbed at the gym 4 hours today — it is snowing our first snow today so no way to go outside (!), running in a 5K ‘corrida’ race in Switzerland on Saturday followed by hanging out in thermal waters w/the girls after, long dog hiking w/friends on Sunday (hopefully for several hours – maybe with snowshoes if we are lucky enough to have this stick).


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