Bitter Remembrance

Go and see the movie Control about Ian Curtis. Great stuff. Beautifully shot by Anton Corbijn. Understated. Reminded me of art school days again … led to re-reading several old journal entries, listening to lots of my Joy Division backlog (I wish I had my LPs over here, but alas, no turntables – I have all their ‘real’ releases and several compilations on vinyl) such as it is on MP3. Love Will Tear Us Apart is just plain brilliant songwriting … but there are so many other gems in there … Ceremony, New Dawn Fades, Control, Transmission, Day of the Lords etc..


One comment

  1. soo, I am curious as to who or what I have in common w/ these people. the 6 degrees of seperation. many are familiar…. i think i may know….gennifer n***k is that you????


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