I Have Found the BEST Dog Food

Yes, I have. What is it? It’s called FOOD. Yep – the same stuff that you eat, and often served raw and something you can easily do yourself.

Read about the best way to feed your pet on websites such as:

Do you think that you are doing the right thing by feeding your dog a ‘premium dry (or even canned) dog food’? The ones that are expensive in the stores? Think again silly people! All you are paying for is more murder of dogs in the name of ‘science’ and a lot of over processed garbage (literally) in a fancy paper sack.

  • First of all your kibble or canned dog food purchase supports the continued vivisection of dogs and cats to ‘study’ the effects of the food on the animals. The ‘effects’ are not always about making your dog healthier either!
  • Secondly it supports a factory farming food industry who simply want to get rid of waste products which they cannot sell on to humans, and which are marked as ‘not fit for human consumption’ (in the USA … supposedly the EU has regulations against using this type of ‘food’ in pet foods).
  • Thirdly the ingredients are heated to extremely high levels, destroying any nutrition that might have been in them to start with. It’s worse than living on a steady diet of canned raviolis or oreo cookies in the end.

And any study done (killing or maiming dogs to ‘help’ dogs … hmm) on the effects of the food is not done to ensure it’s more healthy for them – no – it’s to study things like how to control how much they shit and the consistency of the crap. Think I am kidding? Read the full story I link to below. And with ‘twice a week’ exercise sessions for the lab animals who get to live, you can be sure these lab dogs are not the perfect animals to be testing whether or not the food is good fuel for active high performance dogs.

How to react? Make your own dog food. This will not only avoid evil Chinese ingredients like melamine that recently killed so many pets in North America, but more importantly it avoids the evil dog food industry which does NOT have the best health of Fido in mind when ‘designing’ and testing your dog food on dogs that will never ever live outside the laboratory. I often wonder why they do not test baby food in the same way …

A very good article by the New York Times Magazine  supports what I have stated above regarding testing of dog food on surgically altered laboratory dogs specifically and why they do the testing (ie shit control). I encourage you to read it and start to think for yourself about what might be a better diet for your dog, cat or any other companion animal.

Here is another article from House Pet Magazine online which has a good overview of the pet food industry and refers to quite a few good books that will give you easy recipes for making your own food at home.

And here is an article from SiriusDog that further dishes the dirt – explaining how dogs, cats and other animals that are euthanized at veterinary offices in the USA and Canada are used as ‘protien’ in dog and cat food processing.

If you read these articles, and care about the animals you keep – you will be hard pressed to continue feeding them commercial pet food afterwards. Table scraps are by far healthier for them even if that is your only option!

Here is a list showing distributors of raw foods (which in my opinion are the best and are food as nature intended dogs to eat it) in the USA if you are afraid to make your meals own up or want some convenience:


Here in France I have been able to get raw minced chicken carcass, as well as beef liver and chicken carcass at a very reasonable cost from Volailles du Poher. I have educated loads of friends about BARF (Bones and Raw Food) feeding for pets, and together we go in on an order about once a month to get the cheapest cost per kilo.

The cost for us ends up being around €1.15 a kilo for this mince. We also feed chicken wings (which are more expensive) that we order in bulk from Carrefour (asking for the best price possible) and using either ‘Viande pour Animaux’ (offcuts from the butcher) or the cheapest cuts of beef for stew at the grocery store, I make a stew of a seasonal variety vegetables, garlic, and often seaweed such as dulse with this beef, and I add in enough rice or polenta to not make it a sloppy mess. I make this up in batches, and serve one meal of the stew and another of raw foods, as well as giving my dogs plenty of bones to chew (which we get free from the butchers). We used to raw feed 100%, but our dogs stopped eating the raw vegetable mix and this is why we changed to the stew idea (to get them a variety of trace nutrients). Our dogs are not allergic to milk so we also give them yogurt, and as treats they do get table scraps and cheese rinds (here in France the cheese rinds are rinds – not wax!).

How did I figure this out?

I started thinking about what I fed my dog when my first dog that I got while I was in college developed severe allergies to commercial dog food. Until that time I had not given a thought to what might be in the package  – I bought the hype sold to us by the pet food companies that what they created was the best thing for my dog and that I was too stupid to be able to feed a dog better than a scientific dog food company could. I had to take my dog to several vets to try to find out why she would not stop itching. One told me she might be allergic to grasses, and another said maybe it was that she was allergic to chicken. Neither of these things made any sense to me.

Finally, one vet told me (this is in the 1990s now) that he was seeing a lot more allergies in dogs in the past 10 years (when I asked him how was it possible my dog was allergic to ‘chicken’ as another vet suggested) and that he did not believe it was the advertised ingredient that caused the allergy – but rather the preservatives or even possibly the anti-biotics or other things that ended up in the package. I was shocked that this type of thing was allowed in pet food, but read some books and found it was (this was before the internet allowed such easy research on topics like this).

More tellingly, I tested it out by changing my dog’s diet and sure enough, if my dog ate chicken that was ‘Amish’ raised (ie without chemicals), she did not itch. If she ate commercial factory farmed chicken or chicken dog food, she itched herself red and raw. I could not afford Amish chicken on my student budget but by reading up, I found out that commercial lamb was not raised with chemicals in general, and was able to find lamb mince fairly cheap and so for a long time I made her food out of lamb, rice, eggs and a few other ingredients. If she ever by mistake ate another dog’s commercial food she would break out in itching herself bloody again. It was only towards the end of her 17 year life (after being praised over and over again for my ‘puppy’ – she had a great coat, and was very lively up until the end) that I discovered raw feeding might be even better, due to some articles on the new internet websites that were cropping up dedicated to natural pet feeding.

In the end, I feel raw is preferable as if you study how food digests, one can digest protien most easily and with the least kidney damage if the protein is raw. But certainly any home made cooked meal with good quality ingredients is going to be better for your pet than any commercial dry dog food.

I know for certain that my dog at 16 was much healthier than many commercially fed dogs which we met in the park, and I always attributed this health to the fact that her body reacted against the bad nutrition to the point where I had to feed her decent food – and so she thrived. So will your dog or cat. (Note that cats are purely carnivores and do not care so much about vegetables and require animal protien – dogs on the other hand are omnivores and do need a more varied diet).

Read up and take action!



  1. Thank you…Thank you for your awesome post!!! I am right behind you. What really makes me friggin mad is these companies will lie to your face, over the phone, or via e-mail.
    I had a company recently approach ‘ME’ ask to send ME samples and if I likesd them to review them on my blog.
    I had a phone interview with her this morning…remember she approached ME!!
    All of their product was made in their very own plant all their food human grade/consumption…blah….blah….everything but the freeze dried meat. I asked her for the address and location of factory…here was her response;

    Pet food Company:
    Our freeze dried meat comes from a large freeze drying company in Albion, NY.
    This is human grade only company and USDA/CFIA approved.
    All of the meat that we buy is also certified and approved by the USDA Health department for export, which is a very stringent arm of the USDA. We have affadavits on file from our suppliers as to the source and processing of our products, which allows us to export.
    This is a very difficult process and only certified USDA plants can get this certification.
    I am happy that you are this particular, it means you know what you are doing and can’t be fooled by anything that just says all natural, but probably isn’t.

    Please note that we use organic products whenever possible, but not all of our ingredients are certified organic, but they are all 100% human consumption. We never purchase pet grade ingredients.

    I hope this helps.

    My response:I appreciate understanding and willingness to help.
    And the information you have provided is very helpful, however I still would like the company’s name. I am sure you completely understand that I cannot ‘claim’ to have fully researched a product unless I have.
    Finaly the name is given…and after some digging (you could not just google the companies)
    guess what I find out… here let me copy and paste it for you..
    Company Description

    We are Canada’s largest freeze-dryer of meats, seafoods and vegetables. The Canadian plant has been in operation for over 40 years. Our products are primarily used as ingredients in dry soup and dry sauce mixtures.

    Over 50% of our products are exported; primarily to the U.S.
    Increasing our exports to Asia and Japan are a priority.

    Country of Ownership: Canada
    Year Established: 1963
    Exporting: Yes
    Primary Industry (NAICS): 311614 – Rendering and Meat Processing from Carcasses
    Alternate Industries (NAICS): 311615 – Poultry Processing
    Primary Business Activity: Manufacturer / Processor / Producer

    Did you catch that?? Rendering and processing from meat carcasses….yummy


  2. Thanks for the comments Clasidog and I quite like your website as well – it’s a great resource . I will add it to the blogroll. Yes, now with all the concern out there over the pet food ‘scandal’ and bad Chinese ingredients the big food companies that use junk to make dog food are lining up to make their products look as ‘natural’ as possible … without really having to do it. But freeze dried rendered carcasess … YECH. Not at all the same as fresh raw carcasses. Anyhow, I can’t imagine that freeze drying really preserves the enzymes and nutrition. I know how I feel if I spend a few days camping eating freeze dried food all the time … I would hate to be a dog having to live my whole life on it!


  3. I like your blog as well I will blogroll you too!!
    too…sorry I got on my soap box with my last post…I have been getting a little frustrated…can you tell.
    I am going to make my first official comment about a certain pet food company on your blog.
    dr.harvey’s is a blatantly misleading and deceitful company!!! And if any of your readers are fans…tell them to ask dr.harvey where they purchase their freeze dried meats from.
    And then give the company a call (which is Freeze-Dry Foods in Ontario Canada,and here in Wisconsin) they are a rendering plant!!! Now ‘Google ‘ rendering….
    NOW PASS IT ON!!!!!


  4. Call ’em out on it!! 🙂 Even worse than dog food that you expect to be crap because it costs next to nothing is dog food that pretends to be healthy and fools people into buying the crap at a higher price! Their website lists ‘Integrity’ as one of the 3 words to describe their product line – good to know there are people out there who will check up on that for the rest of us.

    I also love the way they try to make you feel that if you are feeding a raw food diet, you should still use Dr Harvey’s because it contains ‘highly digestible grains’ — how many dogs do you see running after that corn or wheat harvester in the Fall for the ‘leftovers’ ?? Not many I reckon – grains are simply not a natural part of a canine or feline diet! But they say they are holistic doctors ?

    This line reveals it on their site actually (the part between the stars):
    “When this super healthy all natural dog food is **combined with fresh protein and oils** the result is the healthiest all natural dog food available for your companion dog.” — any time a dog food company uses the generic term ‘protein’ rather than ‘meat’ or ‘bones’ it is a red flag. And just what are these random oils ? Trans Fat from McDonalds grease traps perhaps ?

    I wrote the following letter to Dr Harvey’s and will let you know if I get a response:


    I was just on your website wondering what exactly is meant by this sentence:

    “When this super healthy all natural dog food is combined with fresh protein and oils the result is the healthiest all natural dog food available for your companion dog.”

    What is meant by the term ‘fresh protein and oils’ — this does not sound like ‘fresh meat’ or ‘cold pressed oil’ at all or those terms would be used ? What is the source of this random ‘protein’ that you mention once and never refer to again? What is it (in human terms) and would you feed it to your children or friends ?

    Also you have a link about raw foods, and say they are good to feed but you go on to say that somehow grains (provided in your dog food of course) are somehow a requirement in a natural canine diet. I would argue that a raw diet is perfectly sufficient and in fact superior nutrition for a dog and in fact preferable to any packaged ‘cracker like’ food, no matter how expensive or organic the grains in it. I have several older quite healthy dogs now as living proof of this theory, and two other dogs who died at a young age (when I was in fact a child) who lived on packaged dried food, had nasty breath and dry coats. Back then we never questioned or realized how crap ‘dog food’ was for dogs. And for cats – grains are in fact toxic! They are strict carnivores in nature, very occaisonally eating grass but they don’t even like to lick the plates in our house unless they have meat on them. I also find it inexcusable to suggest that vegetarians are fine to feed dogs such items as lentils and tofu – very difficult for a dog to assimilate as a quality protein as their digestive tract is simply not long enough to handle it. Cats will die if denied meat.

    I challenge you to prove to me that left to their own devices, a dog or cat would choose to eat corn, wheat etc. out of a field rather than a chicken or even a mouse or gopher and that this is somehow ‘healthier’ for them … ? Grain consumption has been connected to all kinds of cancers in dogs, including my own breed – Bernese mountain dogs. I have seen my dogs eat fresh greens (ie spring grasses), berries (when they were puppies only) and some other vegetables (more often as puppies than adults) but never have they gone wild in a wheat or corn field after harvest … the idea is just preposterous.

    I find the claims you make about your foods very disturbing because you are playing on the fears of people who have had their pets sickened or killed from the already bad dog food industry – and you are not setting them straight about proper canine nutrition (which doesn’t come out of a bag in cooked nugget form) – you seem to be trying to state that your food is species appropriate and healthy and in fact is a REQUIRED supplement to superior diets such as raw food diets. I cannot imagine how it is even ‘good’ much less ‘superior’ if grains and ‘protein’ (ie from rendering plants??) rather than real meat is not at the top of the list of ingredients.


  5. PS – the publicity blurb on his website is the only information I seem to find about him on the internet – and always using the exact same wording, taken directly from his website – never altered. So not sure how ‘pioneering’ he is in the field of animal nutrition, except for the fact that his website says so, as do many other websites who sell his food and took these exact words off of his site. He seems to have no published research materials available showing his in depth studies or knowledge of animal nutrition (unlike for example Dr Billinghurst, proponent of the bones and raw food diet which funnily enough doesn’t require hundreds of dollars a year in additional manufactured ‘supplements’ — unlike Dr Harvey’s.)


  6. bittergirl: if I was of the alternative lifestyle I would be proposing to you about now 🙂
    I will fill you in quickly of their concept….they are very slick. The send you packages of what they call premix it has dehydrated peas bean and looks like oatmeal etc…you ad you own meats (proteins) and oils and then soak it for 8 min….you know like instant oatmeal.
    Did you know you can get substandard grains (molded rotted etc…just like meat) the meat they say is human grade freeze dry is in their treats etc..(freeze foods is a rendering plant, been confirmed) they are launching a new site in 3 weeks a very high dollar informative site!!!
    I Wish everyone reacted like you…..I feel lonely in my fight 🙂


  7. I was curious if you ever considered changing the structure
    of your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to
    say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content
    so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text
    for only having one or two images. Maybe you could space it out


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