Hot Sex Makes You Fat!

Hot Babe

Is it really true that hot sex can make men fatter? I find that a lot of hits on my blog go to  one very small insignificant post that I wrote some time ago, with about 3 lines of text. But the post has the words ‘naked’ and ‘ex boyfriend’ and ‘pictures’ in it. Somehow people searching the internet for naked ex s seem to end up at my bitter blog. What a shock they must get if they look at any other posts.

Sure, it brings them to the blog (intercourse) (the penguin) – which was not exactly the intention (unlike this blatent experiment in marketing) but then what? I imagine they would not read any further, since most of what I write is either bitter moaning or lefty political animal rights type stuff and sadly quite little about sex.

I think it’s funny how many clicks that one old post gets, compared to various other rants I did about important or controversial topics that people *should* care about. Also, because the post in question said so little, it’s kind of sad that so many people end up there first. It wasn’t even about sex and didn’t have any naked photos posted. Just like this one doesn’t.

Hello anyhow. Nice to see you. If this silly experiment works, I will keep this post here to prove what the majority of shallow bottom feeders are fishing for (or caught up in) on the internet. If no one ‘hits’ on this one, then I will delete it in a few weeks. Let’s see what happens, shall we? (premarital sex).

What’s your guess? Will they hit here and then read on to some politically enlightening drivel in another post and start to care about the downfall of humanity and/or the planet … or simply fuck off elsewhere to find some real hardcore porn?



  1. Hmm – I have started to get hundreds of hits a day on searches for ‘hot sex’ so … I guess I’ll leave it. Maybe y’all will learn something while you are here . . .


  2. True, this remains your most read post as of now. I get same stuff, as I can see what actually people’s search words were when they read my blog. They read my post on child sex abuse when they maybe looking for porn or child porn. Our filthiest tendencies get unleashed when we are online.


  3. Yes, there is a list of search words that I found funny odd or interesting at some point in time on my post called Wordies wordeez werdys. It’s kind of funny how inexact the search engine science still is … it can’t read your mind to find out if you are perusing for serious reasons or purient ones and get you to the right website to fit your fancy.


  4. I think organized religion (or in fact any organized belief in anything that is then used to ‘whip up’ idiotic crowd mentality against something else deemed ‘the enemy’ to dehumanize them … including high school ‘pep rallies’) is often part of what makes people crazy to start with – look at the large chunks of the Muslim world under Sharia law killing people over cartoons and asking for death because of a teddy bear not to mention the daily issues with how they treat women, look at Christian witch hunts and the Spanish Inquisition or the mass killing of the Knights Templar all in the name of religion and plenty more examples – now that is fucked up.


  5. While it’s true that I came here by searching for “Hot Sex.” What I was really curious about was whether any of the pages would be about the drink “Hot Sex.” Really. My roommate is making it as I type. The drink that is, not actual hot sex.

    I have a page like this as well, where 90% of my hits arrive. It mentions a few video game characters as the draw, though, rather than bed time activities.


  6. I would say your attempt at getting hits for your blog can hurt the feelings of a well meaning porn enthusiast. on the other hand viewing porn hurts no one. that’s a joke. porn viewers are as perverted as smokers if not less. but that won’t earn your ire or get you to start a similar experiment on them. smokers i mean. you may feel bad when i tell you that i to o believe in economic equality of people and search for porn. these things are in no way contradictory.


  7. Roger, sounds like you gots the guilts. I guess you did not read my other posts or my writings. The term ‘perverted’ is not in my article, but clearly it’s loaded deep in your psyche.

    Look around my blog, you might learn something since I certainly have written some smutty stuff as well as social/political commentary. Not sure how you can compare smokers and porn surfers, unless you are now admitting you are powerless over your addiction to porn the way some are powerless over their addiction to cigarettes. But then I still don’t call a smoker perverted. Just weak willed, like porn addicts. Weak willed.

    I believe that quite a lot of porn out there is great – especially self-produced and feminist porn like the links on my blogroll to Susie Bright etc. which celebrates lust and sex. But the majority of it doesn’t enrich the mind a whole lot now, does it, which was kinda my point in this trolling post?

    And if you could see (as anyone with a blog can see what search terms are used to find their blog) how many people out there are searching on kiddie porn keywords or violence + sex keywords, that might make you think my term ‘shallow bottom feeder’ is being very gentle, actually when speaking about the ‘majority’ of hits that come to this site (or many of my friend’s blogs in fact).


  8. Psychoanalysis as a weapon. that is inappropriate if not immature.i would call that dr phil like attempt that only. shallow bottom feeder is quite a judgmental thing to say. but then you call yourself bitter girl. maybe you model yourself after bitter pop culture creations like dr phil, house, black adder etc and have no personal likes and dislikes. and are probably dismissive of your own likes because you are so fascinated by these people. you define yourself by your disgust.


  9. That is just a bit of crap psychoanalysis for you to realise that it is not that difficult to analyse people. but if that worked then maybe
    you will shed your bitter persona and cry like they do in front of dr phil. now i am as immature and judgmental as you. two thumbs up to that. eh bitter?


  10. Goodness we are feeling rather guilty. Apparently you still have not read anything else on my blog, for shame.


  11. It’s probably your inability to write an engaging article…..if you want to be cared about….Care about someone besides yourself for a change…….Go tell it to a talk show. Maybe Tom Leykis would be a good match for you.


  12. so so so… more amusing than the ‘hot sex’ which i was searching, although among all the ‘rough doggy style’ 3 soms that popped up on my screen (not something i searched for) however have been a party to.. not online tho..


    i opened up the page which i hadn’t seen before continued to read down the article of “hot sex makes you fat” initially thinking – really, someone thinks that… they must have poor hot sex.. well shit sex in a pre heated room.

    i love smut talk ha!

    back to it then

    must say i enjoyed that little talk back between your self and Roger lol

    funnnnny he is a angry person yes? im betting he searches for rough porn more often than not.

    oh by the way who is the chik in pink at the top of your page.. u know the image u use to ‘grab’ the targets.. oh i am a victim 😦

    – oh really.. fun fun lol

    so reply to this for me eh! i will book mark you 🙂

    want her name she is sooooo sexy i’ll search more of her haha

    ps i noticed the name of her file (as i pinched it)
    is ‘me’ as in ‘you’

    really? noooo..

    u know i used to do this blogging alot, helped with the ol’ depression… curiosity which stemed from a lack of substance in myself as i had no.. emotional response to ANYTHING

    a bizarre experience in all but im a better person for it.

    so are ou the babe in the pic? if so you should send me some more images of yourself so i don’t stumble along these silly little traps which have disrupted my google search idling browsing and searching whims.

    well i better get back to work……… :/ boring much rather wander with my mind and look at what its already thinking about. ha!

    hey ps [roger water] for you buddy: your anal-ysis sucked ass hers was much better.
    but i bet bitter girl is actually just a 40yr old dude

    maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan the world is fucked haha and its just gonna get worse lol

    hmm i want to go skiing

    oh babe guess what my next search will be??

    ahhh the chik

    i just recognized

    Alessandro Ambrosia – hot stuff

    mm victoria secrets

    well cya bitterness
    i have to go so i can search for ‘hard anal’ ‘victoria secrets’ and then how could i not ‘met art’
    mm yum the world of smut
    i will follow that with some skiing and then some surfing… then architecture stuff maybe.. as i am waiting on renders to complete for an assignment which is late…

    well this is all unless i get distracted by the obscurity which is hemaphrodites/trannies or of course the different types of wine i can have with steak…

    then food

    then dr phil (although that will be a youtube search)

    oh then i will google search him naked just to see if anyone got a pic of this ‘dr’ nude.. all famous people get photographed nude eventually…

    well bitterness no need for you to e-mail me now assss i know its not you ha.

    as i was saying all who read this. the word is getting more and more fucked up as we all slowly open the “pandora’s box” which is our mind of imaginings and we make those things real..

    me personally i will do something fucked up if i ever get really rich

    i’ll probably get some scientists and get them to make a unicorn or some shit… maybe a griffin haha yeah a griffin

    then sell these new creatures of my hand to the highest bidder so people can hunt shit that should not be. for a price of course..

    by the way ‘musings of a bitter girl’ ur wall looks like it has been kinda spammed by me… haha sorry i guess

    but im not really sorry because i have the choice to not leave this crap on ur blog… but i will leave it here

    so i guess that sorry really means nothing in todays screwed up society eh?



  13. so yes its me, me im back!

    want to know what i searched curious one?

    nothin i actually just went through some more of your stuff.

    trail rides eh.. you must be a fit fucker hey, u know they say the fitter you are the hornier you are? i think you left this ‘trap’ for unwary searchers simply because your horny hahaha and don’t want to be a bottom feeder -> cute..

    soooooooooo i read meat is not murder its torture

    and i can agree completely. but i have to say at the same time we are all animals. we can attempt to raise ourselves above it however it would just be a vain psychological attempt. Don’t get me wrong i don’t like the idea of -torture- but if ii wanted to eat a pig.. i would kill it (as quickly and efficiently as possible) but having said that

    its “physically” not natural to eat human flesh, this is shown in the fact that you can’t eat it without getting really fucked up if you eat a similar protein that you your self are made up from, you will get Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which is similar to mad cow disease… only as you would be aware mad cow disease came from cows being fed cows. this was done after farmers realised that the effect of eating ones own proteins is a higher release of HGH… so they grew faster…. so the farmers made more $$

    ps not a doctor or med student so if im wrong about any little sophistic points there.. i apologize.

    point is that meat is not a form of torture it is simply a food type, for our species that is.

    and pig is really nice yum yum.

    also i think it is important to make a stark difference apparent, a domesticated animal is a pet.

    just because an animal ‘fellow mammal’ or ‘fellow earthling’ if you will has the potential to be a good ‘friend’ does not mean that you must befriend it.

    simply that you could. you could also eat it tho… so all thats left now is

    how hungry are you?? 😉

    oh – as if u delete the last comment

    insulted guess im not really bitter enough to be on here eh?

    well im bitter now. hey if you spammed my blog wall i keep you crap there for the sake of recording occurrences.


  14. oh its still there.. im too sleepy for this. anyway ended up on your little blog instead of late night porn searching. be flattered


  15. just want to quickly point out as i didn’t mention it as i was distracted

    – i would never hurt a domesticated animal.. unless it was someone elses and there’s was attacking mine

    which is a cute black puppy

    thes i would defend my puppy but not kill the other dog. just get it away from my pup.

    bed for me. and its morning group assignments suck when ur partner lies and says they are nilly done with renders and the truth is that they are fucking way off and i should sleep as they won’t be round for literally hours


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