More Mont Blanc Deaths

Unfortunately the recent chunk of good weather did not stop the growing death count on Mt Blanc this summer. Radio Mont Blanc and AP reported today from sources in the PGHM de Chamonix (Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne) that 3 Germans (two men and a woman) have perished falling on the ridge of Dome de Goûter after leaving the Grands-Mulets refuge (3051m) on their way to ascend Mont Blanc (4810m). They had apparently chosen a technically more difficult route than the standard and somehow the rope team fell 600m (close to 1000 ft).

The alert that the climbers were missing was only given by relatives who were concerned on Sunday night that they had not returned on time to be able to get to work on Monday. The mountain rescue services were at first not sure where to look for the trio as their relatives could not provide a detailed itinerary. They had searched several areas of the mountain without luck. They finally spoke to some Italian climbers who had remembered seeing the three German climbers leaving the Grands-Mulets hut on Saturday at 1am. In searching the area at the foot of the Goûter ridge not far from the refuge, the bodies of the three climbers were located at 3100m of altitude late on Monday. The weather was very good on Saturday so it is unknown why they fell or even exactly when the accident occured. The bodies were repatriated to the valley late Tuesday morning.


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