Bitter Medicine – Sicko and Michael Moore

July 9 – must have missed this but then I was not watching CNN too much here in France (I find their reporting incredibly lacking compared to some of the French stations).

Go Michael! This is a great video of Michael Moore taking CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to task for the media’s lies and distortions about his own movies (Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko) as well as about their totally shite reporting on the war when it first started and how they never asked the hard questions they should have. Wolf is dumbstruck. Hopes Michael saves his career. Other CNN lackeys make lame-o comments to try to insult Moore after the interview is over. Clearly they were blindsided. Finally some fun on TV again.

CNN spins it to try to make themselves look good and like Moore only wants publicity for his movie (well DUH and at least his movie is about something IMPORTANT, unlike CNN and others making weeks of news on Paris Hilton, Ms Lohan and other drug addled media whores) – they start saying Wolf is an ‘attack dog’ — more like ‘lap dog of the White House’  – cracks me up: 

Later, CNN admitted some mistakes and the 2 ‘made up’: 

The Rightwing are shitting themselves, complaining Moore has ‘too much liberal media face time’ on this website, dedicated to exposing  a so-called ‘liberal bias’ on US news shows. Not sure how you can compare a few hours on CNN to the ENTIRE FOX network being right wing 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but whatever. – Go for it and check it out – I am not afraid of right wing freaks.


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