Bitter Lardons Batman! Porky Friends make you Fat!

This article is really funny but scary – Friends who are fat make their friend’s fat (or having fat friends will make you fat) observe scientists – just how can this be considered real medical research? . After all – isn’t everyone in the US getting fat … maybe that’s why it simply seems like friend’s of friend’s get fat. How can they even measure this and not account for all the other factors that might just make any person gain weight? It seems like very odd logic to me – disjointed reasoning. Oh and that advice ‘don’t sever your relationships!’ to avoid weight gain if you have fat friends.

I mean we wouldn’t want to start going really crazy and looking into things like chemical food additives mixing badly with our digestive process or how nutritionally deviod most packaged food is, potentially driving people eating them to crave more just to get the same level of vitamins or minerals their body requires, or anything like that would we? Nooo….let’s blame it on ‘friends’!? 

That concept is very safe for industries – no one needs to stop marketing processed foods that way. I think that industrialized nations are getting fatter populations because the people work less physically demanding jobs and eat crappier food and don’t exercise as much and are addicted to things that do not address the root cause of their problem – like anti-fat pills, fat sucking operations or even nose and boob jobs to improve their appearences rather than daring to change diet or exercise habits. We all talk to friends on cell phones or e-mail instead of walking over for a visit and will sit at home watching TVs, internet and Wiis, not working outdoors or exercising.

 Sheesh. I’m going for a run now.


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