Destructive tendencies

Check out this post. Something old, something new; Something borrowed, something green. « Lacking Value So there are quite a few people (maybe a building groundswell someday) who think that civilization as wel know it is not sustainable and needs to be radically altered  . . .

 But how could this ever come about peacefully by people just ‘realizing’ it should be done? What do you do with the all too many people like my old CEO Mike Greenough, who worships money and nothing else in his life? In a company wide meeting he told a story about not visiting his dying mother so that he could travel for work, as a way to be a ‘role model’ to all of us worker bees, and after 9/11 urged us to keep working that day and not watch news and stop our productivity, because otherwise we’d be ‘letting the terrorists win’. What an ace guy. This cut throat attitude allowed him to continue buying up more companies and then fire the vast majority of each work force, paring each company down to skin and bones so he could sell off SSA Global afterwards and make a huge personal profit.

They won’t go away, these types. My feeling is the revolution will not come at all or if it does, it will be very bloody and only between those already in power, because those in power have too many ways to kill and control us already. They will mow down anyone who tries to change them or their course of destruction. The only thing that will get them in the end is what will get the rest of us – the collapse of the earth’s ecosystems. At least bacteria and some other forms of life will be happier after that. Not that I ever take pleasure in hearing of any of them dying off … Of course, I do cheer and do a little dance whenever some big venture capitalist kicks it.

Just slightly bitter today …


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