Descent into bitter misanthropy

Dead Antelope used to Market Trinkets, Paris

Dead Antelope used to Market Trinkets, Paris

I read the news this past week. Charming stuff. Kids torture puppy and leave it in an oven until it’s dead. They go on trial and might get a few months in jail. To me they should just have their throats slit. Why bother putting them in jail so they can only become more and more twisted and sick. Kill their parents as well – someone has to blame for how they turned out.

And the New Orleans police that took all the dogs that they ripped out of peoples arms and forced them to leave behind claiming they’d be kept in centers until after the hurricane? Now the owners found them all shot to death in the schools by the police. Sick fucks. Those deputies should be lined up against the wall and shot themselves. And worse than this happens all around the world every day, day after day after day. Parents keeping children in cages and beating them, abusing them. Internet paedophile rings. If there is something or someone innocent and kind in the world, that looks up to you with loving trusting eyes – just rest assured there is someone ready to smash it’s head in and laugh while doing it, then do it again and again.

 You would think if there was a god who protected the innocent beings of the world that this god would smite the vast majority of humans and just start over. Maybe global warming will take care of us. We are like a virus on this planet, consuming all that stands in our way without pity because we feel ‘entitled’ to do so. Everyone agrees that too many chemicals are on the planet, but then buys more bug spray to get rid of a few flies or continues to buy non-organic foods because the organic ones cost more and they think to themselves ‘what difference can I make anyhow?’.

Our economic ideals are based on growth – constant growth is of course unsustainable. Impossibly unsustainable. What a dumb-ass theory, the theory that countries should base all their planning on constant and ever-expanding growth of their economy.

Our moral ideals and laws are based on the idea that humans are vastly superior to other forms of life on the planet, and we further slice this up amongst humans to say which humans deserve to live more (obviously this is rich blonde babies who disappear because their parents didn’t watch them closely. They are clearly more valuable than chinese child slaves or dominican sugar plantation slaves or poor baby girls in asia who were sold by their families to be brought up as prostitutes). It’s as if humanity thinks it lives by itself in a vacuum, not related to anything or anyone else on the planet. We take the entire world for granted.

Any attempt to challenge the above precepts (ie new prophets or religions like buddha or jesus telling people to be vegetarians and love all living beings as your equals) are embraced at first and then all too quickly covered up by revisionist prophet/profit eers who re-write their words, re-interpret their words and spend a lot of money inventing bibles, churches or theologies devoted to spreading this retelling. Especially if it puts them into more power or brings them more money. Gnostic gospels ? – bah, must be more rubbish, only the bible is real. It suits our ideas better.

It is quite possible I did something very wrong in my last life, and in fact I have been sent to hell. In this world it is never nice very long. On top of all of that what kind of a joke is physical existence? You are given a body and spend your life trying to keep it from degrading, which is impossible to start with though at the beginning you are given the false hope that you can ‘grow up’ to be faster stronger etc.. When in fact you grow up to decay. You ‘develop’ your mind – but for what? In the end, you vanish.

Ummm, did I mention I am depressed lately? Given the things that go on in this world, what alternative is there? Take a bunch of pills in order to pretend I don’t know what is going on in the name of ‘for the best’ or ‘I do it because I can/have a right/am entitled/want more’.

I certainly don’t want to be part of any effort to help humanity escape any awful fate at this point – it is well and truly damned. I kind of hope it disintigrates to tell the truth. Q should come and wipe us out, now. Please. Put us out of our misery.  What other animal is as self centered and destructive and as out of balance with the rest of the world around him as man? Other animals which destroy also create something else in the process or are kept in check by natural predators or circumstances that limit their growth – but normally they don’t take out most of the rest of the world (such as we are doing with global warming and mass extinctions of animals, insects, birds and plants) with them as they go . . . like we are.

In No Exit, Jean-Paul Sartre wrote, “So that is what hell is. I would never have believed it. You remember: the fire and brimstone, the torture. Ah! the farce. There is no need for torture: hell is other people.”


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