Do the Toes Know?

So now I have been given the official okey dokey by the normal doctor to continue the organic liquid truly ‘all natural’ St John’s Wort and discontinue use of the horrid Merck – ization of same which was definitely causing me to be more depressed and confused, rather than less. Still however, thoughts are messy. Hard to form sentences sometimes – more noticable in French but even still there in English.

Today was 2 doctor visits – first the one who says I have no problems but why can’t I lose weight and feel better, and the second with a reflexologist recommended to me by a friend. First doctor looks at blood tests, sees Ferritine level is still just barely above a child’s portion and no where near what an adult woman is meant to have and finally decides I should be put onto iron pills. So I have to go get those. She still however doesn’t know what is wrong and decides I should try to eat less. She doesn’t seem to get it and I can’t speak French well enough to explain the subtelties of same. She now thinks maybe I have some ‘carence matinale’ (morning deprivation – whatever that means) which involves her theory that women in their 40s will randomly become estrogen/progesterone imbalanced (now the fact that my periods are normal doesn’t deter this thought) and is considering sending me to a specialist. But she doesn’t think it’s thyroid (though she commented on how cold my hands were when she met me today, sigh). And seems to ignore the mental and other range of symptoms I have, focusing on the weight thing.

Then I went to the reflexologist who looked at the same numbers, and could not believe I was not on iron already (since those numbers of low Ferritine have been that low or lower for over 7 months now and I asked about them multiple times) and also suggests a magnesium cure, which is apparently a mineral in short supply in the food in this region’s food and water and is surprised the doctor didn’t order a test for that because it can also lead to confused thoughts mimicking depression.

She thinks I do have thyroid issues, and that I should be on thyroid meds, and in doing the foot thing (reflexology is all about pressure points on the feet, and well I have no idea if it will work but even if it’s a 40€ foot massage, it felt great) and also thinks a few other endocrine glands are out of balance, so that is what she worked on (foot wise).

She also thought I should give up wheat for 1 month and see if that makes a difference as she told me something I hadn’t heard before – if you are wheat intolerant, then eating wheat can actually cause it to leach minerals such as iron from your body and therefore be worse for you than to someone who is not wheat intolerant (mucus-y allergy reactions all aside). So I see her again in 1 month and the other lady in 3 weeks. I have a bunch of dietary changes to make as far as supplements go, and doctor 1 wants me to try basically starving myself a bit to lose weight, so I am to keep a food diary (again, this is like the 3rd time she’s having me do this) until our next visit.

And based on doctor 2, I am going to try to give up wheat to see if it makes any difference, though apparently here it’s not as easy because everything with ‘glucose’ on it which in the states would come from corn – here it comes from wheat, so I really have to read labels a lot more. And of course, the options for wheat free meals etc. are simply not as wide as in the UK or states in this area (and damn the French for making such tempting things as daily fresh bread and a small town with at least 6 bakeries!!!)

Oh, and Green Magma. I’d already started that last week, and she recommended it as well, so will continue the dry grass therapy 😉

Well at least my sense of humor is back. That crap MILDAC from Merck was really shite, full of chemical additives and only some god knows how they extracted it portion of the plant (and yet all the studies you read on Millepertius say that the whole plant is really what is required to make it work).

If you are thinking of ever taking it – try real organic St John’s Wort tincture from Bioforce A. Vogel – much much much better – absolutely no side effects at all.

Let’s see how I do with all this new crap, and hopefully get myself feeling better before ski season starts. Speaking of which – wtf with our weather??? It is November here and still warm, rainy – it is supposed to be cold and snowing! Snow damn it! Snow!


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