Spring Run Off

I finished the Geneva 1/2 marathon two weeks ago. I signed up for it at the last minute, about 2 days before the shut off for entries. Didn’t do very well compared to others, finshed in the bottome 1/3 of runners for times but did better than I thought I’d do. I’d imagined being carted off by the ‘balai’ (broom) car for exceeding 2:30, which was the official cut off time. I’d only been training for a few weeks again before entering it (after the winter season) so I can’t feel too bad. The longest run I’d done was 2:07 before that race, and I covered no where near 21K, but it was on the hilly trails near my house.

Still managed just slightly under 10 minute miles for the whole thing (first 15K were noticably faster than the last 6). What’s funny is I’d never run that far yet, though I’d meant to, I just ran out of training time since I got called to travel for work so much late this winter (not to mention being sick for 3 weeks at end of February which left me gasping for breath every few ski turns and cursing the Toronto office for getting me ill to start with).

One good thing about getting older is I seem to be able to run farther. Not as fast as I used to run for sure, but definitely better stamina. Now I plan to do a 1/2 marathon in the mountains in a few weeks, and then at the end of August there is a crazy plan for an 86K mountain ‘race’ through Italy, Switzerland and France. I just want to finish that one – it will definitely be the hardest physical test I’ve tried that I can even think of. It means staying on my feet (my poor poor feet) for over 11 hours (probably more – this thing has over 4000m of uphill in it in addition to being over 50 miles long).


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