Avalanche Level 4

Well, very happily my EOS20D arrived back into my hands yesterday morning. But not without incident. The box was crushed by either the Royal Mail or La Poste and arrived looking like an accordion. Luckily it was double boxed and wrapped in bubble wrap, so ended up OK.

We’ve had storm after snow storm, and the hill was shut 2 days ago, leading to playing on a little jump my roommate Mark (MUK) and a few of our friends built (well I lent a shovel – the girls made a convenient decision to let the boys build the jump) and we all took turns jumping, then walking back up the hill to do it again. The weather was crap so the light isn’t great, but it was nice practice (first time I’ve really gotten to take a lot of ski action shots) and we plan to do this up on the hill during a blue sky day before the season ends. Provided it stops snowing. This weekend I’d hoped to go out skiing, but now the prediction is again for more snow and gale force winds at altitude…sigh.

Oh, and I’m finally trying to sell some gear on eBay to finance my next ‘L’ series lens purchase … I would like a Canon EF 70-200 f:/4 L USM (2.8 L ruled out due to a combo of cost and weight since I tend to go on 3-7 hour hikes on a regular basis w/my gear). Hopefully this can be sooner rather than later. I really want this for hiking next season.


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