Puriel? Bitter Reaction.

Originally uploaded by puriel.

Update on this thread of death – I have heard from someone very very close to David at one point in time and for some time, saying he never contributed to either of his children’s upbringings and was a violent person who treated her horribly. I have also heard confirmation from 2 others, one of them who knew him since high school, that he’d been physically violent with at least 3 women he dated that they knew of. This surprised me, but confirmed my instincts to avoid him some years back were good ones.

On the other hand, I got called a cunt by someone (on one of my Flickr photos of David) who says she dated David for six years and that he never beat her (and she apparently thinks I am only ‘angry’ because I must have been dumped by him over 20 years ago, which cracked me up as I never so much as kissed the man). Well, funnily enough I was able to develop the opinion that here was a potentially dangerous jerk just by getting to know him socially and skipping the whole bad relationship, and going straight for the part where I didn’t want anything to do with him anymore.

She is very upset by me telling my story of knowing him and about my opinion of his actions. She said she knows he did the right thing for himself. Well sure, and that is my point, isn’t it – what is more selfish than the act of suicide? Oh that’s right – a suicide where you waste someone’s last dying gift and also kill someone else who died while they waited for the transplant that was given to you instead – that’s what!

Apparently according to Puriel’s logic, when you meet a person and get to know them over some years, and observer how they behave and react to the world around them and see what actions they take in the world, you still have no right to form your own opinions about that. Hmm. Gosh, guess I will have to sleep on that one a few years and get back to you.

She went through the trouble to create 2 ids on Flickr and make several comments on the same photo (I deleted the later ones because they just repeated themselves and became full of ever more ridiculous accusations and paranoid theories about why I have formed this opinion).

She reminds me so much of the old days. Sigh. The old days. You know; filled with the types of fractured freaks in the Chicago alterno-scene – people so emotionally damaged that they only either loved or hated everyone they came into contact with as they knew no other way to deal with their screwed up lives.

People who kept living by high school friendship rules well into their 20s and beyond. People always living on the edge of their own sanity or drug intake levels, accusing anyone who looked at them sideways of being judgemental and yet being so much more judgemental in their own way of looking at and dealing with daily life and the people in their tiny little self-feeding circles than any poseur could hope to be. Leather people who had ‘safe words’ in bed but only shit words when out of it.

Me, I am just telling a story about someone I once knew; as I saw him and as I experienced him. Sorry world, but that is the way life is.

But you know what, I do know that David had some good things about him outside of the wife beating, violent temper, selfish egotistical behavior and child abandonment. That was his art. But that still doesn’t excuse what he did with the rest of his life or take away from my opinions of him. Conflicted in life, conflicted in death.

And if she really is Puriel, then well – holy fuck ! No worries – David is all set:

PURIEL: an angel who appears in the apocryphal work of the Testament of Abraham, the second century A.D. apocalyptic tale of Abraham’s journey to heaven. Puriel is described as utterly pitiless, with the task of examining the soul of each person brought to heaven for examination after death.

Oh yeah — I guess I am supposed to be impressed that she has tatoos and used to wear latex and is looking all dominatrix like (wonder how old this photo is since the creases on the thighs show it’s been scanned from a print). Oooh aahhh.

Been there, done it girl.


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