Bitter bitter bitter about New Orleans

Katrina. I started to read a lot about New Orleans because I have 4 friends who live there. My two closest friends for sure escaped (with their pets) – they both had cars and the means to leave. The others I haven’t heard from in a couple of years, so am not sure about (not even sure they were still in New Orleans – heard rumours they broke up and at least one is back in Chicago).

At any rate, reading the stories and blogs from this tragedy reminds me just how much I hate homo sapiens sometimes (I won’t call them humans or people as they are not). And every day when I read about the growing chaos and tragedy in New Orleans I find more and more reason to hate them. Beyond the large cruelty there is also horrid disregard or empathy for the actual things that people hold most dear to them. They can take some clothes, they can take some pictures but they are not allowed to take a living creature to whom they are emotionally bonded and for whom being separated means certain death by slow starvation, since these pets are just left in the street at the side of the buses. Yes, I am talking about smaller things happening amid the greater death (who cares about property destruction at this point)- smaller tragedies that just have no sane reason to be happening, which could have been avoided, during the stupid evacuation procedures being forced on the poor of New Orleans.

I cannot believe that authorities are forcing people to leave pets behind when they take them out of town on buses – children and adults crying because they are separated and the confused, scared (and now condemned to a slow death) dogs who lived with them, loved them for years and depend on them are sadly scratching on the bus door to try to get in to be with their people and a policeman comes up to remove it and push it out of the way down the street – not to take it to a shelter for later re-uniting later, but simply discarding the dog like it is trash right in front of the people who loved that dog for years. Nazi mother fuckers.

It’s disgusting and sickening that people are not allowed to carry a dog or cat for a few fucking hours on a bus along with other ‘belongings’ and that all these animals are being left to die because of some stupid ‘authorities’ decision. How hard is it to hold a dog on your lap in a bus? It’s fucking easy. I hate hate hate hate hate these people.

And then don’t get me started about the absolute dumbshit motherfuckers who left their dogs and cats locked in their houses rather than evacuating with them – leaving them to drown locked in cages or to wander around the house suffering in slow starvation. Animals depend on us and we take them in as ‘friends’ but when the going gets tough – the creatures that give us unconditional love and support every day of their lives are left for dead or worse.

I hate humanity during times like this – in so many people it brings out not the best and the togetherness – but the worst selfish and cruel behaviors possible. So in my opinion now, I think that a lot of people in New Orleans just deserve to die like these dogs that are being left behind. Why not instead save the dogs and cats and instead leave behind the looters, the rapists, the cruel people who have no feelings like this – they are worthless scum who do not deserve the gift of life.

I don’t feel as sorry for people as they knew what was coming – I feel much more sorry for the animals and for the children who had no other choice than to do with the stupid adults tell them or force them to do. I wish I had super powers sometimes and could just reach out and knock sense into the ones that need it, put the light of empathy into others and to just plain kill on the spot the completely sociopathic unsalvagable people who are selfishly looting, raping and murdering around that town.

I know I am making big donations to and to other organizations who helps reunite pets and families or rescue them for adoption. Unfortunately they will not be able to help very many animals compared to the need in this crisis – most of these pets left behind are to suffer a slow cruel death of starvation or to be killed by roving gangs for food or worse.

People who brought their pets to the city’s designated rescue centers were allowed to bring them in (after all what is a more important thing than to be together with all that you love in a time like this) and then they suffered together and survived the initial crisis, lasting through the storm. Together because they loved and cared so much about their pets and would not leave them in their homes to starve (like so many other more wealthy people who left in cars did). And now that they are being ‘rescued’ these poor people are now forced to leave their beloved pets behind completely abandoned on the street with absolutely no one to care for them after the bus leaves.

For these officers in authority and whoever organized that rescue effort – I hope you die a slow sad lonely death too, just like the animals you now condemened to death in front of their grieving owners eyes. See articles like this one – I am sure that more than one boy was crying so hard he vomited when they took his dog. He screamed and screamed his poor dogs name over and over again. I can only imagine the terror and hurt in that dogs heart seeing his boy leave and how scared he must have been to see the child so upset and not being able to run up to his boy to comfort him – and now how it is left on the street to just starve to death. I am also sure the adults and children leaving town this way will be more emotionally scarred by these incidents of being literally forced by authorities to leave their pets to a certain death in order to escape than they will be scarred by the fleeting memory of being hungry or thirsty for a day or two. Emotions like that are much stronger and the sadness of never knowing and being totally powerless in the face of armed ‘authorities’ to help a beloved pet who stood by you for years and through the storm only to be practically executed in front of your eyes is something that will just stick there forever. And not every bus did this! On other buses people were allowed to take their pets! That is why scenes like this remind me so much of Nazi’s and make me think those in control just get their jollies out of this sort of thing.

Because there was no real actual logical reason those people should have had to leave their pets. The bullshit ‘reason’ that their was not enough room on the bus was just that – bullshit. Pets can sit on laps just like babies can for a several hour bus ride and the temporary discomfort I am sure any pet owner would tell you would be well worth it to save your beloved animal. It was simply inexcusable cruelty to do this to the people leaving and to the animals. The poor get screwed, as usual in these kinds of situations but they more often than not will live – the poor pets suffer the most of all as it is they who are left behind to die scared and alone now, confused after a lifetime of loving their owners who simply had the crime to be poor during a natural disaster.

Thanks George Bush for all your ‘help’. And for cutting your 5 week vacation ‘short’ to ‘deal’ with this. We appreciate how hard that must have been for you. And the compassion you are showing by NOT bringing the National Guard back from Iraq to do their job of guarding the nation is just an extraordinarily astute decision. I guess this is what you do for cities who don’t vote for you in an election, eh?

Horrified too? Do something. Donate to organizations out there now trying to help. Volunteeer if you live nearby and can. Offer to house rescued animals in your home if you live nearby.

Donate to Noah’s Wish
Donate to North Shore Animal League
The Humane Society on a national level has been sending in nearby state groups to help too – but they are a kill shelter so if those animals they rescue cannot be placed soon after they are rescued, will they just be gassed?: Read here.

It seems in the coming days it will get even worse.


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  1. Hey,It’s Alice in Chicago. Looked you up as I had heard via my blogger partner’s Kris’s brother (Albini produces his band) that James had moved to N.O. awhile back. Do you know if he got out alright? Anyway…I also heard from Kurt that you moved to France and married a mountain climber about a decade ago? Hope things are going in the direction that you need them to. I enjoyed reading your Friday posting. I feel terrible for the animals too, but unfortunately the Feds (both sides of the isle)don’t give a rats ass about the humans that “chose to stay” in N.O., so the animals are strays-of-strays, in their collective mind’s-eye.The latest with me: I’m happily divorced, a leftist libertarian, finished off a movie script, finishing my first book of short stories in the next month or so, submitted and waiting to hear from Paris Review on a story submission as well as the Nelson Algren Awards for short stories; one daughter who just turned eight last week. I live on Kedzie in Logan Square. I haven’t seen Kurt in years, cause life catches up and flies by. I actually had heart surgery back in the winter, after taking about three years to diagnose why I was having major blackouts. health crisis can eat the shit out of your leisure time. So can marriage and divorce.My blog is at My email is We’ve actually been doing live readings of our topics around the Chicago area of late. I hope that we can keep in touch via e-mail and as fellow bloggers.Alice


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