I actually have nothing bitter to say today – strange and very unlike me. I have had an amazing time skiing the last few times I’ve been out – new skis. Got them for Valentine’s day as a gift.

The new skis suddenly make me feel like a rock star skier. Apparently I’m not the only one… Don’t know why, but I’ve now been able to drop cliffs (5 ft), take air off moguls, jump of kickers, float in powder and ski down couloirs and ski fast through trees – all things I’d tried to do (struggled more like it) and only succeeded at occaisionally on my old skis, which felt really really hard to turn and control. I found out after trying several new pairs over 1 week, that my old ones basically had no edges left on them (in a way that probably really improved my edging and carving technique to get anything at all out of them!!) and really were a bit too long for me (at this stage, anyhow). This ski improvement from someone who 3 years ago was afraid to get off the green run….so it feels really amazing to finally be able to keep up with most of my friends when off-piste, who have been skiing for years and years doing seasons at ski resorts, racing moguls, being ski instructers and the like. It’s nice not always being the last one down anymore!

Basically I used to ski on Volkl Vertigo G2s (I’d been on for the past 2 years) and I’d gotten them a size too big due to the standard ski-bum mantra ‘they were on sale’. So now I’ve traded the 178cm boats for 167cm twin-tip dynastar ‘Trouble Makers'(pro model, as it was on sale and had much cooler graphics with pulp fiction novel chicks and space ships). Though actually I really really liked the last year’s gothic graphics even better. Ah well.

Anyhow, frankly, I think the entire difference in my skiing has been due to the space ship pulp fiction novel style graphics…. but it is possible that I myself have also made some slight improvement in my technique as well, not sure on that point… My only sad sad thing is that I can’t ski tour on them, so will be stuck with the old Volkls for now (until I can get my hands on a pair of Dynastar Legend 8000s – maybe next year when the prices come down as they were selling at twice the price of the TMs during the spring sales here a few weeks back…the one thing I did looove to death about the old Volkls was how fast I could go on those … the TMs are a bit too soft for that and chatter when I get going on a groomer – but for all else I have found outside of that, they are heaven!!
Image copyright 2005 Dynastar/Phil Dion model


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