I had a series of bizarre disturbing dreams last night. First I was in an airport in the baggage area when people were loading the plane and realized a baby had been injured – they’d tossed the baby down the baggage chute in it’s chair, and left it there for hours. I picked it up and held it and it looked at me and died.

Then I was in a house unfamiliar to me but it was supposed to be my grandparents house. It was an old log cabin, full of pictures and things on the walls which they’d never finished putting up. I went around finding things I’d sent them and which other relatives had sent them – photos and paintings and things and trying to dust them off and hang them up. As I moved back through the house it became more modern. In the center was a bathing area. I wanted a bath and tried to run some water, but it was running out the bath drain and into the floor. I realized the foor was made of ‘plastic grass’ mats (the kind for outdoor patios that grandmas always seem to have) and that this covered basically an open sewer. I moved further in and there was a real working bath. I started to fill it and some girl came up and started to kiss me. Never took the bath. Then I moved further out into what was the garage but was now a huge open loft all modern bright and beautiful. My grandfather was there working on it. I told him he should make the rest of the house look as good as the garage. He looked at me like I was nuts and said he could never do that.



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  1. I had a similar dream about 5 years ago. I was trying to get through the airport with a baby and a snake. I lay the baby down on the ground next to the snake. Afformentioned snake, eats baby and transforms into luggage. I am able to pass through security with Snake and Baby and later seperate them…I think.

    Do you know any good hikes?


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