Your job today is . . .

Everyone go and see the new Michael Moore movie Farenheit 911. Even if good old Ray Bradbury has to be a stick in the mud and say that Mr Moore stole his bookie title (there is a difference between a parody and ‘stealing’ and considering that Ray’s bookie is pretty old by now, he should really be happy for the attention he’s getting and royalties likely to be made….the old cry baby). I also really liked the 1966 film they made of his book and am trying not to let his current little hissy fit ruin my good opinion of his original work (which was also against censorship…).

Someone has to challenge that grits for brains president of ours out in a very public and powerful way and I’m happy to have Michael Moore lead the charge. I hope that he exaggerates – someone has to in order to get the dull masses to react and realize what is going on. But he doesn’t out and out lie and his opinions are clearly marked as such (despite the plethora of websites the right-wing has now directed against him).

I mean, we had the same style of exaggerations (or worse actually) directed against Clinton for a bit of finger fucking and cigar sucking – and how do you even compare that level of ‘wrongdoing’ to a man like Bush who lied to a nation, used the deaths of thousands (9/11) and the sadness of a nation in order to whip up paranoia and fear, pass sweeping legistlation to remove our civil rights, and who then sent many of our family members to their deaths (and others to their dishonor as prison guard torturers) all so he could have his way with Saddam and the oil companies for his and his friend’s personal monetary gain?

Wake up and smell the coffee citizens of the USA (as good old Ann Landers would have said). I bet Ann was a top dyke, and a good one at that.


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