Degrees of Seperation

What do these boys and girls have in common?

Teddy Tett

Theo Gantos

Dick Michigan

Steve Pratten

Wayne Bennett

Doug Spencer

Julio Sims

Justino Walters

Pedro Letria

William Opdyke

Julie Stahly

Phil (Julie’s)

Antonio de Campos Rosado

Prexy Nesbitt

Paul Graham Hayward

Waleed Almoussa

Solomzi Bisholo

Francisco Mejia

Mohsen Mohammedzadah

Joanna Brown

Frank Ridgeway

Kurt Nelson

Lee (Paris Dance)

James Crump


Tracy Carrol

Jim Colao

David Marine

Michael (Excaliber)

Anastasia Sharp

Patrick Wright

Basia Mielnik

Tim Miller (ACT-UP Chicago)

Scott Mendel

Trisha Ripp

Dena Vanderwal

Marc Spiegler

Jiann Kim

Charlie Cossey

Kieth Merrill

Bill Mosier

Rob Barker

Ernest Mathais

Lance Fisher

Scott Massey

Mary Lou

Sebastien Lanen


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